Sunday, August 22, 2010

If Life Gives You Lemon Fabric, Make a Lemon Dress!

Okay, okay, so maybe that's not exactly how this saying goes, but it's how I felt when I first saw this fabric. I talked my self out of it that day, but my brain kept returning to it again and again. I guess my brain was thinking out loud, because my Mom got it for me as a present and now here we are!

One of the first times I wore it, a lady in Costco grabbed me and started going on and on about how she loved vintage and how not enough people wore vintage and that I wore it so well. Then she asked where I got the dress and when I said I made it, that started off another monologue about how well I sewed and it looked so vintage and she had a tank top she wanted a pattern made from, but still wanted to keep the original shirt intact.

I was speechless through out most of this, there was just lots of smiling and nodding. I was going for a vintage look, and I guess I achieved it!

Then later that same day I was walking back to my car after tea with friends and there were some obviously bored teenagers asking the people that passed for money. When I passed them, they asked and I stopped unsure as to whether or not I should ask them "politely" what they needed it for. But, I ended up just saying no and walked away to the laughter of the group. But, just before I got out of ear shot I heard one of the girls say, "She may have been weird, but I really liked her dress!"

Thank you talkative lady at Costco and bum of a teenager, I will treasure your comments forever!=)

A close up pic of the fabric with my dirty little boy feet in the background!