Friday, April 29, 2011

Honey Pie Boutique



I found the most wonderful wedding dress store, Honeypie Boutique! Just add a colorful petticoat to peek out from underneath and these dresses are perfect! The prices seem much better then they really are at first, while they are only 150 pounds that translates to about twice as much in American dollars, but still, that's only a bit more then $300, quite a decent price for a wedding dress I'd say! =)




Just add THESE.....

.....of course THIS .....

.....and most importantly we can't forget..... 

 This last one seems to be the one I'm having the most difficulty finding! ;-)

Book Club!

I loved the cover if this months book and who could not be intrigued by the tittle? Sadly, it did not live up to my expectations. It was heartbreaking and staggering to me, just not in the way the author intended!

I tried really hard to like this book and forced my self through reading all of the rules and acknowledgements but was left feeling confused and was very excited to finally get to the story. But, I was only further confused by the chapter on his parents death, how long was Dad on the ground at the end of the driveway?

Wait, how may siblings are there? Who is Toph? Oh my gosh, did both parents just die? I kept having to flip back and forth tyring to piece the bits of the story together. Then after the funerals, the way Eggers was trying to play the give us stuff because our parents just died card made me feel squirmy inside.

I know he was a young man thrust into a very difficult situation but it seems to me the whole family could have handled things a lot better! Then about half way through I realized that it was a true story. It was rather depressing hard to follow and add in the fact it was true?? I had to stop, I really try not to stop in the middle of books, but I was avoiding reading and when I am doing that I know that it would be a good idea for me to just quite while I was ahead!

The picture and author profile in the back were good for a chuckle, this is not their dog.....

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

Easter was the usual affair, getting up way to early, because for some reason you once again agreed to be in a skit and that means both going to both services and a call time of 8:15am!

You sit around waiting for the music pastor to be done rehearsing with the choir so you can rehearse the skit for only the third time as people are getting there because the choir practice ran long (as usual!). Then you rush through the skit, bearing the looks on the faces of the people who have shown up early, who all have annoyed looks on their faces faces even though they are getting a free preview performance!

Then as you rush around putting props in their proper places and getting miced (try finding a spot to put a wireless mic pack on a stretchy dress with no pockets.....)  you really wonder if it's worth it. You finally get a chance to sit down and sit through the announcements not really paying attention because you know you are going to hear it all again in an hour anyway, then you look up at the screen and see an outline of three crosses.....

You gaze upon the screen and are reminded of what your Savior did for you and what this holiday is really about, you smile and are filled with joy and thankfulness. Yes, you think, if all of this brings at least  one more person to know the joy and peace you feel right now it's worth any amount of early call times and rushing around! =)

 Dress- North Style via eBay
Necklace- Premiere Designs jewelry

 Aren't they adorable? My Mom made the dresses and we got my little brothers suit at Wal-Mart!

 The Easter Bunny brought these really cool colored bubbles! Hopefully they are washable.....

 The center piece for our Easter table.....yes, I am that classy! What can I say? I love how it looks! ;-)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Will Wait for You!

I love this, she spells out exactly how I feel! 
*Sigh* I have the figure, the loudness and the love of color fashion sense, why can't I have the gorgeous skin color and sassy attitude as well?

Friday, April 15, 2011

I won't say I'm in love.....

.....I am in love. There I said it. It all happened so fast, I'm not even sure how it all came about. It may cost more then I'm willing to pay but all it took was a quick glance, a chance meeting online and boom, I was head over heals for the worlds most beautiful....umbrella! What did you think I was going to say? ;-)
Isn't it dreamy? I may never fork over the $80 it will take to get it over here from the U.K but I will have no problems accepting it as a gift.....hint, hint, hint!-or- hint, hint, hint!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


~The brilliant people who signal into a one way round about but neglect signal on their way out.....what's even better is the folks who keep their blinker on the whoooole time! Weeeee let's just pretend that we are going to turn, then we can cause three accidents in less then 30 seconds!

~Being asked by two guys if I knew I still had my studs on.....What? Really? They just don't magically switch to my normal tires come April 1st? So, which one of you big strong manly men is going to help me? Neither one? Oh, you're just going to let me know that it's going to get a me a big fat ticket. Gee thanks guys, way to help a girl!

~Tomorrow is the 15th of April you say? What's so special about the 15th of April? Is there something I should have done by then?

~Taking off your white tights and being blinded by the paleness of the legs underneath.....let me repeat the fact it was white tights that I took off!

~The 80's bob I paid $40 for yesterday.....oops!


~The fact that a play that I wrote might be performed at our church this Christmas, I'm a little jazzed!!

~It's 50 and mostly sunny today!

~Finding out our church elders have been praying for healing and God has been answering! There was one women who had throat problems so bad she could barely swallow and was in pain all the time. She called the church and asked if the elders could lay hands on her and pray, they did and the next morning she woke up and the pain was GONE! She's even eaten Mexican food, spicy Mexican food!
God is good!!!

~Neal Patrick Harris as The Fairy Shoe Person on Sesame Street! All opinions about his personal life aside.....I just know that he's adorable and singing about one of my favorite things! =)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Outfits and nails and braids....oh my!

This is a random post of a few things I've been wearing, my new favorite nail polish color and to show off my awesome herringbone braid skillz (yes, with a z that makes it sounds sooo much cooler....)

The little girl I nanny asked me to braid her hair and while I can french braid my hair, I can't seem to do it on others!! So, I did this!

I wore this a few days ago, it was almost warm that day!
 Cardigan: Jessica London $20?
Button Down: Jc Penny $7
Skirt: made by me 3-4 years ago
Cowboy boots: Wal-Mart $17

This is the awkwardness that happens when you add props and poses beyond the hands on the waist pose!

I love this color! It looked much darker in the bottle, but I love how it looks on my nails. It has purple iridescent sparkles in it and it lasts at least 3 days before chipping. The best part? It was only $2 a bottle! The brand is Ice and I bought it Wal-Mart!

No, I did not forget wear the camera was.....
 Shirt: Shop-Ko $8
Skirt: Coldwater Creek via eBay $10
Boots: Naturalizer $140....still hate typing that!

Oh, hi! I'm just randomly twirling, I had no idea the camera was on!

This is what happens when you randomly twirl irresponsibly.....remember it's a privilege not a right, use random twirling responsibly and never over do it!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hitler Vs. Jesus.....What Makes a Good Leader?


What makes a good leader? Is it the choices they make? Their vision? Charisma? The loyalty of their followers? The success of whatever they are leading? Last night at bible study the lesson was on the story of the Good Shepard and the first topic we discussed was leadership.

The guy leading the lesson asked us if we had ever lead and how we felt about it. I answered first (What can I say? I hate awkward silences when I'm leading, so if no one else pipes up, I open my big mouth and speak like I always want someone to do when I've just asked a question!) And said that while I didn't feel like a good leader I was always being put in the roll of a leader because I could get things done, but unfortunately, I get them done all by myself because I am sorely lacking in the ability to get others to listen to/follow me no matter how awesome my vision is!

I don't ask for leadership, but it is a position I am getting more comfortable with, just because I have had to do it more and more. So, while I do get the task done, I don't feel I'm  good leader because the term leader implies followers, not a one man show!

We talked around the subject for awhile and the question of what makes a good leader was brought up. Jesus was of course a good leader, but then again, so was Hitler. What made them good leaders? Can you even compare the two? I say yes, they both had visions of new kingdoms and inspired many, many followers with their visions. So, is Hitler a good leader? I thought of course, he was an excellent leader! There seemed to be some disagreement about this. As the conversation continued to flow, I was left feeling confused!(shocker, right?) What kind of good were we talking about here?

We went around the room all taking turns telling what we thought made a good leader and I saw the disconnect that had been confusing me. Most were defining a good leader as a good person, with biblical goals. Jesus was the example. So the definitions were of humility, a servants heart and compassionate, not things that could be said about Hitler!

In thinking about it, I'm pretty sure that by this point was I was the only person seeing things the other way still (meaning good as in successful and not necessarily having good goals or being a good person!). Maybe rather then calling Hitler a good leader, I should call him a successful one?

My definition of a good leader was the ability to inspire followers to see and believe in your vision. Then identity their talents and use them to further said vision. The use of the word use in light of what most of others were saying might not have been the best choice of word, (it caused a request of clarification) but I would say that Jesus used his followers, especially the disciples! Maybe I should have said put to work, instead of using use, which can leave a bad taste in your mouth! 

In my mind Hitler was a good (aka successful) leader! But, that doesn't mean a Godly leader. Jesus inspired followers and was also humble, loving, compassionate and had a servants heart. While Hitlers regime ended with his death, Jesus is still inspiring and gathering followers today! While Hitler may have been a successful leader, he was lacking the the qualities that made Jesus the leader he was and still is today! So, maybe the real question was not what makes a good leader, but what makes a leader good!

The rest of the chapter was very good as well. Lilias Trotter explained the four dangers we face as Sheeple (Sheep+people=Sheeple.....yes, I was a taker, unfortunately the only's just so funny!) The stranger, the thief, the hireling and the wolf. We read those things and don't really try to apply what those people might look like in our lives.

The stranger can be someone close to you or a new person who introduces you to new ideas that draw you away from The Good Shepard. 

The thief is something, like job loss or sickness that steals away your joy and strength in Jesus. It slowly creeps up on you, you just don't decide one day to be depressed, it sneaks up and slowly chips away at your strength and joy.

The hireling can be the joy and peace found in world or a fair weather friend, they stick around as long as times are good but as soon as things get a little challenging they check out and dessert you!

The wolf can be one dressed as a sheep but then he/she does something that reveals their true nature and the sheep scatter. Like when a well respected Pastor or other leader is revealed to be adulterous or false in some other way and those who have put the up on a pedestal lose heart and leave the church.

I really liked the illustrations, I don't always connect the parables with my life and what I'm going though. Bad I know, but if I was perfect I would be dead and already with Jesus! =)

What kind of leader are you? Do you like to lead? Or are you more like me and put in leadership positions unwillingly?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Okay Guys....This Ones for Ladies Only!!

How to say this delicately? For starters, if there are any guys reading, this in no way shape for form will ever apply to you, so good bye until next time! 
Now that the audience in no longer one of mixed company.....I know we all have them and some of us more then's something most everybody I know wants more of, and I would gladly give away some of mine..... What on earth am I talking about?

The top half of an hour glass figure, the "girls", bosom, chest, in others words if you are overly gifted  in the boob department this post is for you! I have been blessed with size 34 H chest and boy has it been fun trying find clothes that fit and are modest.....or maybe it hasn't been so fun. Even trying to find a proper fitting bra has been a long and still ongoing ordeal.

But through many embarrassing experiences, including trying on bras at Victoria Secrets.....and having the maybe an A cup sales girl asking if everything was alright and if we needed any help, as my Mom and I were were dying of laughter at the sight of me with cleavage literally up to my chin, note to self I do NOT need a push up bra! Most of our bra fitting adventures turned into boughts of hysterical laughter, it was either that or tears! So, I turned to the internet and have found some affordable and some not so affordable solutions!

I was incredibly happy when Playtex offered their 18 hour bra in 38 G, a few band sizes to big and a few cup sizes too small, but they work! Plus, you cannot beat the quarterly sale price of $12.99 apiece! But being slightly off size and a little sad they are so uncute(what can I say, I love pretty undergarments!!) the search continues for affordable and cute bras in larger sizes!

Bravissimo is a UK company the specializes in bigger sizes, but they are in the UK, meaning Euros and the dollar is worth so much less then the Euro when changed to American dollars, what seemed like decent prices at first shot up to over $50 a bra and quickly becomes far to expensive. I did try one of theirs, but it broke within the first couple weeks and I didn't want to have to hassle (or spend the sky high over seas shipping costs!) with sending it back! They have adorable stuff, but unless it's for a very special occasion or something I do not think I will be sending my money over the pond anytime soon!

I've found a few other sights, but most of them are in the UK, do they have larger boobs on average over there or something? Or the American sites I'm still paying $35-80 a bra, and you should at least have two at a time and replace them every season, um hello? I do NOT have that kind of money! Here are a few of the sites I've found.....

I recently found this site, Simply Be and not only do they offer bigger sizes, but they have some very decently priced options and they are US based! They have two packs of bras for $42 meaning each bra is only $21! I can live with that! I bought a sale color and only paid $10 a bra and they should be getting here soon! Cross your fingers ladies!
Most of these sites also offer clothes for the big boobed as they say over and over again on their websites, it sounds much better in a plucky British accent then you'd think! The allure of clothes I will not "bust" out of (hahahahaha) is very tempting, but the price tags will keep my sewing and making do for now! Camis and safety pins are very good friends of mine! Though most camis are still too low and have that much to small elastic bra thing, so I either cut it out, or just by regular tank tops to wear as camis!

Most of these sites offer pants and skirts as well, but let's not get into the junk in the trunk! Well at least untill another post that is! ;-)