Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday!

pleated poppy

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As I sit here typing and getting hot I think the weather in TN may not like this sweater as much as I do.....

But anyhoodle, I luuuuurv this sweater! It has a shallow ballet neck, cables and is a petite so the sleeves and hem aren't hanging down around my knees! And the deep kelly green color is a winterized version of one of my favorite summer colors to wear, and one of the only shades of green that doesn't make me look sick! 

Sweater: JCPenny
 Skirt: JCPenny

I think JCPenny needs to start paying me or something, this is the third time I've worn an outfit where all of the pieces (well, my unders aren't from JCpenny, but maybe you didn't need to know that.....) come from JCPenny!

Necklace: JCPenny, Super tasty white chocolate cinnamon latte: Buckhead 

We were sad (like REALLY super sad) to discover that the closest Starbucks was 20 minutes away, so to get a coffee it would be a round trip of about 50 minutes when you add the time it would take in the store! 

When you look in the phone book for coffee places in Columbia, TN there are three options, one was closed down and the other sells bulk coffee supplies, so Buckhead it was! It's only a mile away and in my opinion their hot drinks are better then Starbucks and they have Amaretto flavoring so I can have my favorite   Amaretto latte again! I have yet to try the cold drinks, but there is a bacon cheddar muffin that is heaven in a wrapper! ;-)

If you're ever in middle Tennessee, stop on by and I'll take you to Buckhead coffee, you won't be disappointed! =)

Monday, November 26, 2012

2411.79~Part Two!

We stopped for about a day and a half in Colorado Springs to visit my sister and her family! A much needed break from the endless driving!

~Rest of day 3 and 4~
States visited, Colorado!

My super adorable niece and her crazy uncle.... 

My sisters husband is in the military, so we got a tour of Fort Carson. I was surprised that all the tanks were tan, until I remembered where they are using them right now and realized green might not be the best camouflage color.....

Scary helicopter.....

Look, they match! And are being photo-bombed.....

 The Garden of the Gods is NOT in Utah like previously assumed, so we went to see that too!

They called this formation the kissing camels, I can totally see it!

It was dusk, so not the best light to capture the amazing color of the rocks, but this picture caught the last of the sunset!

The photo ninja, she sneaks up behind unsuspecting prey and snaps a picture before they ever realize whats going on....except your camera decides to take forever to focus so you are left hanging there for oh, about 15 seconds.....

I wish I could have captured the color and scope of the Garden better, but you'll just have to go and see it for yourselves some day!

Climbing guy made a good photo op!

Another picture where the color of the rock shows up better!

Is or isn't this the perfect beginning of an adventure story!?

Neat, right? =)

This is the other side of climbing guy!

Then we ate here!! I finally got my honey chipotle chicken and might I say it was delicious!

My brother in law painted this tree in Buggy's nursery, isn't it fantastic?

~Days 5 and 6~ 
Sates visited, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and Tennessee!!!!!

Crossing the Mississippi, never quite believed I'd do this!

 The fall color was still pretty amazing when we got here in the 70 degree heat!

Rolling, treed farmland, I can deal with that, beautiful isn't it?

 Home sweet home!

Our town visitor center, how cool is that bell tower?


City Hall in town square!

It was a long, long week, but well worth it to be all together as a family again. =)

It's been tiring, but fun to unpack and find new places to put everything.....Now that I think on it.....maybe more tiring then fun for the most part..... ;-)

The house and town are proving to be pretty fantastic and hopefully a job opportunity will fall into place (fingers crossed and prayed prayed please!) 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

I'm Alive!

This blog hasn't been run robots or anything since we moved, pinky swear!
(Excuse me, the word pinky is not in my spell check? What is up with that??)


I have been to busy and tired to take outfit pictures.....blah, blah, blah, excuses, excuses.....but as we are mostly unpacked and settled in, I will hopefully start posting a bit more regularly now! 

*snicker* As regularly as I ever did.....

After much research and internet searching about the area churches, I scientifically narrowed it down to a few.....Hmm, any cute single guys in their really, that wasn't the only reason, but I have to admit to looking *shameface*.....we went to the same church the past two Sundays and really like it! The funny thing is, it's another First Baptist Church, the same name of the church we just left!

Now, on to what really matters, what did I wear?
 Dress: Made by me, Belt: Shop-Ko

Boots: Jessica London? 

If you look closely you will see a green bow.....but my hair is eating it tends to do with hair a side note, my hair has been really liking to humidity, I was worried, but they appear to be getting along for now!
Earrings: Hair Salon, Green Hair Bow: Pay-Less Shoes

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


That my friends is how many miles we drove to get from Bend, OR, to Colorado Springs, CO to visit my sister, then to our final destination, Columbia TN! 

Let me tell you, it was a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG week of driving, especially for those of us who, even after taking ginger pills for carsickness (they really work!) can't read or do anything else in the car but sit there.....and sit there.....and sit and my little brother (the other carsick one among us) were pretty bored for most of the time!

But, we got a few books on CD, some from the library and one from Audible. I snagged it using a free download through Hulu Plus. I got Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke, read by Brendan Farser. The book and the performance were excellent, I highly recommend all of Cornelia's books and any of the audio versions of them read by Brendan!

~Day one~
States driven through, Oregon and Idaho.  

 Tilly, in our empty living room the morning we left.....

 One last picture of the ol' homestead as we all climb into the car.....

First day of driving was a little lacking in scenery, it was like this for, oh I don't know, about 6 hours.....

I was going to have my parents stop at each, you are now entering this state, type signs, but as we were traveling on interstates most of the way, we mostly just got to wave at them as they flew by!

 Idaho was very flat

For this, grew up within sight of a mountain range girl it was odd and fascinating not to see anything on the horizon.....

~Day Two~
States driven through, Idaho, Utah and Wyoming.

The Rockies!!!

Ahh, wind farms! Made me think of driving to my Grandparents, we always passed some in Southern CA on the way to visit them.....

~Day Three~
States driven through, Wyoming and Colorado!

Yeah, almost to Megan's house!

Downtown Denver, let me say, I'm so happy I was not the one driving while we went through Denver! Now only were were in a big older car, but we were pulling a little one behind us! Sure, hop over 3 lanes of busy 75mle an hour traffic, no big deal!

Some scenery  between Denver and Colorado Springs!

And that was the first three days of our trip, stayed tuned for part two!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Picked up a free app from Starbucks (they have a new one each week on little cards by the register) and this is a small fraction of the's called Pocketbooth!

View from my new bedroom window, not to shabby, eh?!

Packing is not the hard part of moving people, unpacking has it beat for hardness and stress by a MILE!

 If you want to eat cake (which a very nice neighbor lady brought over to us last night!) for breakfast, just have it with a cup of coffee and then it's coffee cake and a more socially accepted form of breakfast food! ;-)

Our "basement"! It just has rocks and dirt for walls and smells like a cave, how cool is that?!