Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Moisture We do Not Speak Of!

I went to the symphony this weekend; I know some of the people who play in it and it's free, who could ask for more? They sometimes have special guests play and this time it was Ben Lulich. He plays first clarinet in some big symphony in Southern CA. He's played on movie sound tracks and on the new Josh Groban(shudder!!) Cd. It's funny, I met him at about 5-6 years ago.......hmm, maybe more. But, anyway he was still in school then; just killing time until he got the kind of music job that he wanted. Now, he's doing what he's doing and I am still pretty much in the same place.

But having a previous acquaintance with him made me feel comfortable asking him this question. During the performance when he had a pause in his playing it looked like he would lick his clarinet about 1/3 of the way down. Then reach into his pocket and stick something onto the spot he'd licked. Now before all y'all get up in arms abut me noticing odd things, he was the soloist and the only one standing up, who else was I supposed to watch?

I asked him at church the next day what he was doing all those times. He looked a little sheepish and said, "Umm, well there's this special paper that is for soaking up excess........moisture. And it needs to be replaced when it's..........if you don't the .........moisture will make it so the valve won't work properly." Then much to his relief I went on the ask about a couple of the instruments I didn't know the names of.

Now, while his answer was a perfectly good one. It still annoyed me, why you may ask? Musicians will never admit what this mysterious moisture is. Do they really not know? Or are they sparing me the awful truth? I may not be a musical person, or a rocket scientist but even I can figure out that the moisture that comes out of wind instruments is spit! You are blowing into it, the moisture that condenses on the inside is coming from your mouth. Especially the horn players where you almost raspberry(Elmo term, sorry!) into them. Just admit to it all you musical people I've asked in the past about what your pouring, soaking up and drying off of your instruments. I can take it, I am around kids all day long, your spit is not that surprising!=)

Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm in the Hand Basket Now!!

I KatySue Pillsbury am going to Hell in a hand basket! Yep, you heard me right and I'm headin' there fast! I did something last night that I am not proud of, nope not proud of at all. Yet at the same time I feel strangely liberated.................hmmm, not a good sign, not a good sign at all!

Sunday night is normally when our collage group meets, but our church was having a First Family Night, so we attend that in stead. I'd gone early to help set up and it was odd being the only person in the church, but once again very freeing. Hopefully the security cameras(if they have any!) where turned off! But, I digress......................

Our church has a habit of at things like this honoring people by giving them "awards". Certificates or plaques, things like that. Well, Mark S. got up and started saying that this person was involved in everything in the church and that you could always find her in the kitchen and helping out with the connect team and you could always find him with his camera taking pictures at events etc etc etc and so on and so forth. Well, at that point it wasn't to hard to figure out who they where talking about. Jordan B. and I nudged each other and giggled as my parents also realized who they were talking about!

I settled back in my chair to enjoy not having to go up and receive said award. I hate stuff like that! I live in holy terror of having to accept thanks for my volunteer work, I have no idea why but I really do! AWAWA has a whole night dedicated to it, and I always beg to stay home.

I assumed I was safe because they wouldn't honor my parents and then pick on me, so as Shawna M. got up to talk I felt rather safe in my little green chair. I kicked my shoes off and settled in to listen. "This person helps out in kids town and can be found getting supplies ready every week for you all to use in Sunday school"............wait what? Oh, no she's talking about Kelli M. she sets up for the 9am hour, it couldn't be me. "This person also helps out twice a month in the nursery................" I really sat up and took notice at this, no there are a couple other people who this description could fit, right? I was sitting there getting more and more nervous, then she continued,"She helps out in both mine and my husbands ministries, she's always there for last minute skits for Sunday morning........."

That's when I did it! I couldn't help it! It just slipped out, I turned to Jordan with a look of mingled terror and woe and said, "Holy Crap! It's me!" I whipped my head around and stood as Shawna finally announced my name and walked up that oh so very long isle in my bare feet to accept the certificate. Face aflame with embarrassment and horror at what had just occurred!

So, there you have. My sad, sad story. I cursed loud enough for somebody else to hear in church while a service was going on! While it may not seem so bad to you, it still sets my face to burning at the recollection. Not that it doesn't make for a funny story, especially if you know me at all! I've always wanted to do that, curse out loud in public, I'd always imagined it being in righteous indignation though...................oh well the death of yet another fantasy!=)

Why I'm not Buying into the Hype

As flu season descends upon us the call for vaccines has increased ten fold. Both for the regular one and for the H1N1 swine flu vaccine. Normally to get a flu shot you would call your doctor and make an appointment for those in your family who needed it. Usually it was just the very young and very old who were advised to get it.

This year it's different, and yes I know the swine flu, the swine flu! I get it! Some people have died from it, but have any more really died then from the normal flu? Or have we just heard about it? That woman who died from it in Bend, she would have died from catching a cold! She was on radiation for Leukemia, you get the sniffles and your in intensive care! The swine flu has been around since about the 1950's but you try to tell some people that and your head gets lobbed off.

Why are the flu vaccines so hard to get a hold of this year? Even before they were passed out there were special lists and times to go and get one. If it would have been treated like any other flu season would there be the mad rush? Or is it because we can't readily get them that everybody is freaking out? We must get one right away already there's a short supply!

All of the places giving them out have age limits, the average cut off is 12. 12 and over!! Yes, the little kids who were the group most people used to be worried about now cannot get the flu vaccine. Unless they got on the special list back in August at their regular Doctors office. Those who can't afford to have a family Doctor? Oops sorry your little ones are out of luck! Unless you get the half page sheet of paper the school is sending home with your very reliable never looses anything 5-11 year old!

The swine flu is bad, it has put many people in the hospital. But please lets not buy onto the mass hysteria and look at this thing a little more objectively.

Fact: This strain of the flu has been around for years, the media just picked it up this year.
Fact: The vaccines are hard to get true, but how many of us cared last year? Would everybody care as much if they didn't seem rationed and hard to get?
Fact: Yes, people are dying, but most from flu related complications. Meaning that they were already susceptible to it.
Fact: The flu kills people every year, about 36,000. Mostly the old and very young, not your average healthy American.

Those are just a few of the reasons I'm not all up in arms about the flu this year. Regardless of me being right or wrong, until presented with better evidence to the contrary I will not be buying into the media hype. Besides it's all in Gods hands, even if I was vaccinated up to my eyeballs, if it's my time to go it's my time to go!=)

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Whenever I was asked the question what's your favorite season I always had a devil of a time choosing. Spring, no wait, fall, hmm no winter, no, no summer yeah summer! No, wait maybe.............. I could never decide! After years of thinking about it I've finally discovered and settled on my answer for the question. It's a good answer too and you want to know what? Ever since I've come up with that answer about 2 years ago, not one person has asked me what my favorite season is! I've told people but not because they've asked!!

So, I'm going to pretend that somewhere out there is someone just waiting to hear. So, here is my answer! Drum roll please.....................

The holiday season! Now before you start assuming Thanksgiving and Christmas, I also include the end of Summer through New Years. That is the season of holidays. The end of summer, Labor day, the start of school(though that isn't a celebration for some!) First Day of Fall, Harvest, Halloween (for people who celebrate it) then of coarse Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. It seems like after the New Year the activity winds down until summer then it's of course summer is the time for chillin'!

Then when the end of summer hits the hustle and bustle begins. The sky is never as beautiful as it is in fall and the leaves! The colors, the smell, the sound as you walk through them and of course the big piles of them to jump into! I love getting ready for things, the preparation for a party is my favorite part! Yes, the event is fun , though I'm a bit of a hermit, I would rather just be with no more then 3 or 4 people. But, it's just not as much fun to plan small things.

So the busyness that begins with the ushering in of School and fall is right up my alley. I would much rather be doing something then not doing anything! Then of course there is the traditional holiday season. No explanation is needed as to why this is included in my favorite season!

Like a famous red head I love to fly up on the wings of anticipation, the wonderful flight almost pays for the thud when you have to come back down to earth! I am an anticipater, for good and bad things. I'm pretty sure that's why I hate needles and balloons the anticipation of the poke or pop is almost more then I can stand!! But, on the same token it makes the holidays so much better! I love to savor the anticipation of the whole season.

Wishing your life away in I can't waits is not good and I used to be a horrible one for that. As soon as one thing was over I was on to the next. But, over the years I've learned that waiting can be way more fun then the actual event! I am flying high right now in the glorious anticipation of this, my most favorite time of year. I invite you to join me up here on the wings of fancy, the memories you make while up here will never leave you. And if you aim just right the thud will land you right in a ginormous pile of leaves!=)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Irrational Fears

I seem to have more then my share fair of fears that are a little less then irrational! Why am I afraid of these things? Nobody knows, but it makes me the unique and crazy person that I am!

Bees, why I am so afraid of bees, I'll never know! But whenever I hear one I go runnin'!

Needles, and the doctors that hold them! I am sighing in relief right now because my flu shot has been put off until next week!

For that matter, about the only doctor I'm not nervous to go to is the eye doctor!

I was very afraid of driving, not so much anymore, in fact it's growing on me rather quickly! I find it rather enjoyable now. Though backing up still rattles the nerves a bit.

Talking on the phone, well I guess the real fear isn't the talking it's the calling. I'll talk if you call, I'll sound like a dork, but I don't mind talking on the phone. It's the unknown of calling people that terrifies me!

Having the guy I'm "attached" to meet my sister(older or next youngest) and fall for her. Like in that movie "The Family Stone". This one has actually happened though, my crush liking my sister. So, maybe it's not that irrational after all!=)

Teeth grinding, I loathe this noise! I hate it when I inadvertently do it!

Loud noises, mainly popping balloons. I hate the balloon popping games at AWANA. I always feel like crawling into the corner with my hands over my ears when the game leader announces those games!

There are some of my irrational fears. Some no matter how much I work at them seem to never get better, others like the driving have gotten worlds better. So, I guess the moral of this story is, always be willing to confront your fears you may find that their not so insurmountable when you see them in the light of day!=)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Harvest Party!

The FBC(First Baptist Church) annual Harvest Party was on Saturday. As long as anyone I have asked remembers it's always been at the Roy's house. They have a lovely farm outside of Terrebon. There are caramel apples, hayrides, horse rides, zip lines, animals wandering every where. The latter much to my dismay, because I appear to be very tasty to animals as when ever I get close to them, they chew on me! The best part? The fresh pressed apple cider! Yummy!

I am going to be so very lazy and just put a link to the pictures, instead of putting any on here, Enjoy!

That should work, but if it doesn't let me know!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Personal Space

Why do some people feel the need to encroach upon your personal space? I mean I would never reach over to the person in front of me and pet their hair unless I knew them really well! Or maybe if they asked me to..........but that would totally depend on loads of other factors! The nerve of some people both shocks and after the fact greatly amuses me!

One time at an AWANA meeting the Mom of one of the kids walks up to me and starts circling me sniffing. Then she asks if I shop at Victoria Secret. Hmmm, I must smell of sexy undergarments or something I thought. Umm, no I said. then she told me it was because I smelled like their new perfume. So, that one end up not being as bad, but still. I sniff the air as people walk by yes, but I can't help it 'cause sometimes I know it will be a mistake but do it anyway! But I'm not going to ask some stranger about their smell!

I've been asked where I got my boob job. Yes, I know I might be "gifted" in that area, but do I really look like the boob job type???? The creepiness factor is then upped by the fact you know where they've just been staring, um excuse me? I've also been told where to get the "girls" down sized. Um, what business it that of yours?? Once again I don't flaunt it, so stop staring and go stare at someone who has them on display!

But the biggest one is the hair. I've had people walk up behind me and pet it. Or one time the ladies in the row of seats behind me and two of my sisters at the theater started petting my hair and rather loudly discussing whose hair they liked better. It was Megan's hair they liked the best by the way, mine was to 80's! Then I frequently have people grab handfuls of it and run their fingers through it saying, "Oh my goodness it is all yours!! My word it's thick!" Really?! Thanks for the info, I was just wondering about that this morning as once again IsaBella(my hairs name, she's very temperamental and apparently she's Spanish! Who knew?hehe) broke another hair brush.

Please be all mean tell me it's pretty, tell me the color is nice, tell me it's voluptuous (Lindsey D. called my hair that and I think it's rather apt description! And it certainly fits in with the rest of me!) But please unless I at least know your name keep our hands off! If I know you then it's perfectly okay. But, unless I know you really well anything under my clothes is off limits as far as discussion goes, alright? Unless your telling me it's cute then I might let it slide!=) Oh and one more thought, while I'm talking to you don't reach over and start playing with my jewelry, please!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Crazy Love!

I must have been in the need of some lovin' this week! I've been wandering around my house asking where my "Crazy Love" has gotten to. Every time I start asking it sends my family into peals of laughter.....okay guys stop it, get up off of the floor and just tell me where my "Crazy Love" is!!! I'm not going nuts(well, at least not in my opinion!) I just have a bad habit of setting my books down in places I know I'll be able to find them later..............right and it totally always works!

I've been reading "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan this week. It's really good. I'm about halfway through right now and am excited to read the rest. It starts out pretty basic but don't rush or skip the first couple chapters, we all need to be reminded of the simple things sometimes. There are some neat computer things he wants you to look at. I did them the first time, but when he tells you to watch them again..................... I just skipped that!

I was reading it at a pizza parlor fund raiser my church was having for the youth group. I can usually block off the world pretty good when I'm reading, my own little bubble you know? I was having a hard time because there was lots of noise and it was hot. There was a girl at my table sticking her ear buds in my ears. Then I came to this one spot. I read through it once and my whole world shrank down to those words on the page.

It was one of those put your name into the bible verse type things, I'm usally not that into those but this one hit me and hit me hard! Some of this next part is directly from the book, other parts are me, so don't be disappointed if when you read the book that my wonderful additions aren't there! The author is talking about how the word love is overused and has lost it's meaning. We love pizza and we love our parents. We love TV shows and we love our soul mates. What does God mean by love? He tells us in 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

Take the phrase Love is patient and substitute your name for the word love (for me, "Katy is patient...") now do this with every phrase in the passage. Whoa, right? I've read those verses how many times and I love them. But, by putting my name in there it turned on the proverbial light bulb, I do not love like this. God wants me to love His world like this and I don't. I try sometimes and maybe even partly succeed but catch me when I'm tired or annoyed and you won't feel much love coming from my direction!

This is something I need to tattoo across my eyelids so I don't forget it! Try it for yourself, if you haven't already and see how it changes your outlook on love. Or maybe it won't change much in your way of viewing the world, but like I mentioned earlier we all need to be reminded of the simple things at times! So, go ahead and while your at it, pick up a copy of the book as well. We all need some more lovin' in our lives, right?=)

The Joys of Having More Money

I recently got a new job, one that is actually less work and more pay. The benefits are numerous one of them being the pay raise. But I've found out something interesting, the more money I make the more money I have to spend! Gas, cell phone bill, taxes, car insurance, rent etc etc etc. While none of theses things are very much in and of them selves, when you add them up............ you know the drill!

It's very much like the "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" books. So, I have written my own version of this classic story:

If You Give A Girl A Job

When a girl reaches a certain age she will start to desire some of the finer things in life and will have to find a way to procure them. So, unless she has very wealthy and generous parents she will have to go out and find a job. But............

If you give a girl a job she will have to get her drivers licence to drive there. Of coarse she needs to have the car to do the driving in and gas to make the car go. Then she will also have to get car insurance to go along with it.

If you get the girl the car insurance she will have to have a cell phone to call in case the car breaks down. If you give a girl a cell phone she will soon find out how handy said cell phone is and need a bigger plan with more minutes and texting privileges to go with it.

If you give the girl a job she will soon be making more money so she will need to save even more for taxes. If she is saving for taxes she might as well save some out for a savings account as well.
And if she's doing that, she is responsible enough to start paying rent.

If she is responsible enough to start paying rent,
Well, actually that's as far as I've gotten!

So, the moral of the story is, when you grow up and get a job remember the more money you make the more money you have to spend! =)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Old and New

My older sister getting married freed up a room. Now the quandary, did I take the room for myself so I could have my own room? Or do I share it with my Mom and turn it into a homeschool/sewing room? The selfish side was very very close to winning but my better nature kicked in and we moved the sewing stuff into that room.

This is where my shelves and sewing things used to be!
This is the new sewing room! Both mine and my Moms stuff and the homeschooling shelves fit in there with lots of room for more.

The shelves, the tall ones with the dolls on top and the really short one next to those are mine, it's been nice having my books upstairs!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Honeymoon

My big sis is having a great time getting married again on her honeymoon to New York. No really, she's getting the whole shebang again only this time it's bigger and cost about 3 times as much! Flower girls, a preacher, brides maids, groomsmen, cake, dancing.........another entire wedding. The family in New York didn't want to fly to the west coast so they just decided to just have themselves another wedding over there! Most people think it's a little odd(myself included!) but hey at least she gets to wear the dress again, right?

They are staying in a nice B&B far away from his family(hehe) and are going to tour the surrounding country side. I have just four words for you, EAST COAST IN FALL!!! Megan always wanted to go somewhere nice for her honeymoon, I think New York in the fall counts, don't you?

Of coarse it's got the rest of her family and friends talking about where they want to go, or have been on their respective honeymoonings! Hawaii of coarse is a big one, tropical cruises, Alaskan cruises, New York, Paris, Italy, the Provence region of France. As for me? Well whenever I mention my idea everybody looks at me funny, wrinkles up their noses, cocks their heads to one side going ,"whaaaaaaat???" and then shrug their shoulders. I don't think it's that odd of an idea!

I've always wanted to take a camping road trip down Highway 101 and end up at Disneyland. Now is that so weird? Picture this........................a drive(preferably not me driving of coarse!) down one of the worlds most beautiful highways listening to some awesome tunes on the radio, talking to your one and only about everything and anything, stopping to take in the sites along the way, taking memory card after memory card of beautiful pictures. Stopping at a new spot each night walking on the beach at sun set and sunrise then tossing your tent in the back of the car not a care in the world. And where do you end up? At the happiest place on earth of coarse! I love Disneyland and would love to go again.

I don't care if it's weird to want to camp and go to a place swarming with kids on my honeymoon! You can just look at me funny, wrinkle your nose, cock your head to the side and go, "waaaaaat?" Then shrug your shoulders as I drive away for a week or more of perfect bliss!=)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blessings and counting and sheep oh my!

Count your blessings, name them one by one,
Count your blessings, see what God hath done!

This song was floating around in my head today as I drove with the windows down, singing along to one of my favorite Cd's, feeling the cool breeze lift my hair and brush against my neck. All the while the sun shines in a sky so blue it can only be fall. I just dropped the kids I nanny off with their Mom for Doctors appointments.

I've opened the doors and windows and have the casting Crowns station on Pandora playing as I'm typing(or hen pecking! But hey, I hen peck pretty darn fast don't you know!) A little while ago I blogged about being happy. I've done pretty good at keeping that inner glow. But this weekend it got a little cloudy, not only did my sister get married and leave me forever. But right now another chapter in a continuing saga opened up. This saga is wholly new territory for me emotion wise and it has not been fun!

I was feeling pretty sorry for myself Sunday evening and as I lay there in my bed not being able to go to sleep, the song that starts off this post came to mind. Okay God I will but it won't be many.................I fall asleep a little while later still counting.

Isn't God good? He has given us this absolutely beautiful world to live and it's at it's peek of perfection right now during this lovely fall season. Life is still hard but when you stop and really look at the world that God has given you to live in and enjoy you can't help but rejoice and be happy! All my problems are still there and the saga continues but you know what? It doesn't seem so bad now in the beautiful light of this lovely fall day. When the despair comes at night I just need to follow the instructions in another song:

When I'm worried and I can't sleep
I count my blessings instead of sheep
And I fall asleep counting my blessings!

Go ahead, next time your worried and can't sleep count your blessing and get ready to become overwhelemed with the wonder, beauty, and grace of God!

Monday, October 5, 2009

It's All Over

Whew! It's all over, the months of planning and fighting and making and setting up and calling and decorating and cooking all culminated on the date of October 3. We put hours of work into the wedding and it was all over in about 4 hours. It was lots and lots of hard work but it was really, really fun. I love planning things like this, me and a couple other girls were talking about going into the wedding biz. Sounds like lots of fun, but dealing with Bridezillas for a was enough for me thank you!(hehe)

Megan's room is now empty, the movers having left about an hour ago, it only took them 7 hours to pack up that one room. I'm not sure I would want that company coming in and doing my whole house! They did an excellent job though, they wrapped everything in paper and put it in packing crates and strapped it down really well into the truck.

She is on her way to Portland and I will not see her until at the earliest Christmas. I will miss my older sister, the one I cold talk to and know she would keep my secret. The older sister who would tell me things in return and share her life with me. I will miss the older sister who didn't make fun of me for the things I liked and put up with my few(well maybe more then few....)eccentric habits. I will miss the older sister who would treat me at home like she would when people were around.

This older sister has not always been around, but I will miss her anyways good and bad times. I can't help it, she's my sister no matter how she's treated me or what she's done to me I have to and will always love her and forgive her no mater what she's done. It will be a big change not having her around, she belongs to somebody else now. But considering how annoyed she was with me most of the time maybe that's a good thing!=)

For anyone readin this who is intersted here is a link to some of the wedding pics!