Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Personal Space

Why do some people feel the need to encroach upon your personal space? I mean I would never reach over to the person in front of me and pet their hair unless I knew them really well! Or maybe if they asked me to..........but that would totally depend on loads of other factors! The nerve of some people both shocks and after the fact greatly amuses me!

One time at an AWANA meeting the Mom of one of the kids walks up to me and starts circling me sniffing. Then she asks if I shop at Victoria Secret. Hmmm, I must smell of sexy undergarments or something I thought. Umm, no I said. then she told me it was because I smelled like their new perfume. So, that one end up not being as bad, but still. I sniff the air as people walk by yes, but I can't help it 'cause sometimes I know it will be a mistake but do it anyway! But I'm not going to ask some stranger about their smell!

I've been asked where I got my boob job. Yes, I know I might be "gifted" in that area, but do I really look like the boob job type???? The creepiness factor is then upped by the fact you know where they've just been staring, um excuse me? I've also been told where to get the "girls" down sized. Um, what business it that of yours?? Once again I don't flaunt it, so stop staring and go stare at someone who has them on display!

But the biggest one is the hair. I've had people walk up behind me and pet it. Or one time the ladies in the row of seats behind me and two of my sisters at the theater started petting my hair and rather loudly discussing whose hair they liked better. It was Megan's hair they liked the best by the way, mine was to 80's! Then I frequently have people grab handfuls of it and run their fingers through it saying, "Oh my goodness it is all yours!! My word it's thick!" Really?! Thanks for the info, I was just wondering about that this morning as once again IsaBella(my hairs name, she's very temperamental and apparently she's Spanish! Who knew?hehe) broke another hair brush.

Please be all mean tell me it's pretty, tell me the color is nice, tell me it's voluptuous (Lindsey D. called my hair that and I think it's rather apt description! And it certainly fits in with the rest of me!) But please unless I at least know your name keep our hands off! If I know you then it's perfectly okay. But, unless I know you really well anything under my clothes is off limits as far as discussion goes, alright? Unless your telling me it's cute then I might let it slide!=) Oh and one more thought, while I'm talking to you don't reach over and start playing with my jewelry, please!