Thursday, March 31, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


~Watching a Bollywood movie in Hindi with English subtitles.....and having about half of the words and phrases be spoken in English....but that's not really the awkward part, the weird thing is that they would "translate" the English phrases wrong in the subtitles about a third of the time. For example, the main girl said, "100% percent," and the subtitles said, "Yes, I'm sure."

~Dropping an ironing board on my toe and having it hurt reeeally bad and then having the toenail on that toe turn purple, this happened a month ago. Guess who still has a purple toe! Just in time for sandal season.....though it has been fun to scare little kids with.....yes, I'm that kind of person!
~Self Employment taxes.....all I have to say about that is 15.3% baby!


~Doing my taxes almost by myself, I may have had help from a few people....thanks Mom and Mrs. Toomey! =)

~ $2 nail polish that stays on better then the $7 brand, oh yeah!

~Chocolate cupcakes + Peanut butter frosting = Heaven in a polka dotted wrapper!

~This may belong in the awkward category for some, but hear me out. I've been doing it for a few weeks now and am amazed at how well this technique works! If you want to softest smoothest feet you've ever had in your life, follow these simple steps.

1: Locate that giant tub of Vaseline in the back of your medicine cabinet or it might be living under a sink somewhere!

2: That night before you go to bed, grab a pair of socks and your newly unearthed tub of magic, Then, scoop up a big ol' glob and rub it into your feet like lotion. Yes, it will be greasy and not soak in, that's what the socks are for!

3: Let it soak in over night and pumice your feet after your shower the next morning, keep on doing this and within a few days your feet will be soft and beautiful!  

~This video is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!! Watch the making of videos too, it's just mind boggling. I wouldn't even have been able to figure out half of the stuff they had to! =)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Hair Cut....Thoughts Anyone??

I have a question for you, if you get two curly girls together in a  room, what is the ONE thing they will most likely start talking about? If you guessed their hair you would be right! So, pull up a seat because me, myself and I are going to talk things out!

This is the first haircut that inspired mine, after trying to go long and finding it to be waaay to much work to have down and far to heavy to have up all the time. I saw this movie and had the urge to cut it and got about 9 inches cut off. It went from tail bone length to just above bra strap length.

It was still a lot of work and I found myself putting it up all the time, again! Which frankly isn't the most flattering look for me! Then I saw this episode of What not to Wear (Love that show!) and got the black girl hair cut (I didn't name it that, my freaked out family did. They said I wasn't black, so couldn't pull off a black girl hair cut.) It didn't quite turn out like hers as my hair has much less uniform curl and is way frizzier. Plus, I need bangs, my huge shiny forehead is not a sight that the general public needs to be treated too!

This is my hair now, last time I got it cut, she cut it a bit shorter, better, but it still wasn't quite what I wanted.

A few options I've very badly pasted together. The one on the right is just a bit shorter then now and as for the one on the left.... it is freaking my Mom out when she's reading this!
Let me know what all ya'lls thoughts are! =)
hair cuts!

It's that Time Once More.....

It's Monday and time for another post on fasting! For those of you getting tired of this particular subject, do not despair, there is only one week left!

Last weeks homework was fasting in a way that would be easier to keep private and maybe be easier to start off with, like just cutting out one food group or something similar. I decided to not eat cereal, not too hard, right? I didn't quite realize I ate cereal everyday, most of the time not for breakfast (I'm not much of a breakfast person really....) lunch and yes even dinner is when I enjoy a bowl of cereal. Living and working in houses with kids gives me lots of tasty options, because unfortunately my very grown up and sophisticated tastes run towards the marshmallow-y (Mmm, Marshmallow Mateys!), frosted varieties rather then the Bran/whole wheat healthy kinds. Hey, in my defense, I do like mini wheat's..... okay you caught me.....the frosted kind.....

Ahem.....anyway, every time I wanted cereal and remembered I couldn't have it, I sent up a praise to God, that the sun was out, that I was almost done with work, that I wasn't in that car crash on Knott Rd.....most of them were sent up seriously, I do admit to some of them sounding more frustrated then others! It was brought up before that fasting had to have a purpose to mean something and this segways (Yes! I finally worked that in to a post! It's kind of pathetic how long I've been trying.....) into the main topic of discussion last night. Once again we went a little off book, but as what was in the book was something we had previously discussed, I don't feel we did it too much injustice.

Our fearless leader ( Or the fearless leaders husband, it really depends on who you're talking too!) didn't see the point in last weeks homework. He feels that if you fast from something you should directly replace it with something else. You go into it knowing what you are fasting for, then you spend that hour or day etc etc etc praying for this previously decided on topic. The other guy there agreed with him and said it might not be a good idea to go into it with out a plan and specific purpose.

Our fearless leaders wife agreed with me, that you can fast from something like potato chips or licorice and not have a set in stone plan and still have it mean something to God. Every time I reached for that cereal, I would stop and think of  God. I need those small reminders of God through out the day, it helps me keep my focus on what is really important. So maybe rather then true fasting, maybe it's more training yourself to see and think of God in even the most ordinary things.

The other guy (the one who agreed with our fearless leader about fasting with a specific purpose.... Hmm, I wonder if gender might play a role here?) brought up something that I realized during the last all day fasting attempt, he just said it way better then I had. So reminded, I want to offer it up a a reason for fasting from the small things. The first day I tried I was in a bad mod and really, really wanted a bowl of Franken' Berries (A marshmallow cereal....are you really that surprised?) but restrained myself, but on my way home as I was praying, the box floated through my mind again I realized how ridiculous I was being. I prayed right then and there that God would fill me with the same kind of longing for Him!

As you reach for that bag of chips, soda, remote control, what ever it is that you've chosen to give up, instead pray that God would fill you with the same desire to spend time in His word and talking to Him. Pray that he would fill you with the same almost unconscious pull to tell others about Him. I guess I did get something out of those two days of what I thought were rather unproductive fasting, I just needed it put a little differently for the thoughts to fully solidify! Thanks other guy! =)

This weeks homework? There were two choices, right down things that are hindering you from serving God in a free wheeling manor (the books words, not mine. Though I wish they were!) like are you over committed or scared. Or you could really dig in your heels and start having a daily quite time with God. I chose the latter, I had been doing it pretty faithfully before bed for years, but at the beginning of this study we were encouraged to write down and tell the group our quite time schedule so it would become an accountability thing and ask me if I've managed to have a decent quite time more then a dozen times or so!

Nighttime just isn't working for me anymore, and I wasn't getting up early enough before work to both pray and read my bible. I would do one, but somehow just never got to the one I hadn't done in the morning. So, I committed to getting up half an hour earlier each work day and doing both in the morning. Day one, accomplished! Now, hopefully I can mange the next 29 days needed to establish a habit! =)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Book Club Bloggers~ Girl Interupted

I recently stumbled upon The Book Club Bloggers hosted by The Daily Snapshot and eagerly joined up! We all read the same book and then post about it, then we all link up and read each others thought on the book! As I've always wanted to join a book club, but couldn't seem to get it together to find one, this blog version is the perfect solution!

The first read I participated in was Girl Interupted by Susanna Kaysen and to be honest I almost quit then and there! My only exposure to this book was through seeing the rather disturbing looking trailers for the movie. After much deliberating I decided to put on my big girl panties and read it,  figured I could always stop reading if it got too weird.

I was pleasantly surprised and found the most disturbing thing to be the fact I recognized something of myself in her, what a scary thought! Especially in her thoughts on people being fascinated by madness because they were really afraid of being somewhat mad themselves and as long as there was someone crazier then them.....

I was also surprised to find out that this was a non-fiction book, and was very happy to find out that she'd gotten out and had what seems like a happy life. It reminded me a lot of One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest in the messing with the orderlies and such. But, it was interesting to see it from a female rather then a male point of view. 

I liked how they included the medical charts, it added to the story and gave us a chance to see what she was like not from her own perspective. It was surprisingly funny in places and all in all it was an enjoyable read and I'm glad I went ahead and read it!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Better Late Than Never.....Right?

I have been a terribly neglectful blogger and am just now blogging about two swaps I participated in. I received my lovely packages at least 2 weeks ago.....sorry girls!

First I joined up in The Snail and the Pigeon. An international blog swap set up by the lovely girls over at La Ville Inconnue! I was paired up with Alabee over at Carpenter St.

I received a lovely journal, a shirt with a color combo that is wonderful, shell flower earrings (which I am wearing right now!), pink flower bobby pins and a box of lovely pink and green beads which I already know how I'm going to use! It came in a lovely set of paper boxes, which I neglected to take a picture of, but were very pretty. Thank you Alabee! =)

Next I joined Beth Ann's swap over at her blog Genuine Beauty and was paired up with her! I received some room spray in my favorite scent from Bath and Body Works, the Tangled soundtrack and Jolly Ranchers, I love Jolly Ranchers! The rest of my family does too, the bag only lasted about a day and a half! Thanks Beth Ann!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No, I do not Think Climbing South Sister Sounds Fun!!

I have always thought of myself as an outdoorsy person, but when I say this and shudder at the mention of climbing mountains, flinging myself down snowy mountains, dragging myself up sheer cliffs with nothing but a rope and my fingers and toes, swimming long ways across lakes (with only God knows what touching me) and daring to ride the rapids in a blowup raft, the others who classify themselves as outdoorsy appear confused and shake their heads at this pretend "lover" of the outdoors and leave me to my supposed life of indoor seclusion.

The definition of outdoorsy is liking to do outdoor activities, so just because mine don't look like this.....

And do look more like this.....

(More about this lovely piece of heaven a little later in the post!)
This is my sister, hi Megan!

Obviously not me and my older sister, but it does BEAR a striking resemblance to how we used play together!

.....does not make me a non outdoors loving person! I love being outside and doing outdoor activities, just not in a-let's risk life and limb and push ourselves to the limit's-sort of way. So, I still have no idea what to classify myself as....maybe casual outdoorsy?

Anyway, now I know your all wondering the reason behind this post, it has everything to do with that first picture I showed you of my kind of outdoor activities. I was watching Samantha Browns show on the English country side(once again, if you don't know who Samantha Brown is look her up, she's my favorite travel show host ever!) and she walked along the Cotswold Way. She only went along a few miles, but mentioned that it was about 100 miles long and it meandered through the countryside and private estates, villages and towns. And that there were walking tours available....

This peaked my interest, what was a walking tour? So, I looked it up and lo and behold, the perfect way to see the English countryside was laid out before me on the computer screen. The tour company books you a room at your starting point and then you walk until you reach your next stop for the night, at another B&B or inn.

You can book anywhere from a 5-14 day tour, the 10 or 11 range seems like a good one to me, about 10 miles a day, leaving lots of time to explore and meander and the best part? They will transfer your luggage from inn to inn for you, so you are not left with just what you can carry on your back for 11 days, cool huh? For someone who likes camping but knows she smells like a wart hog after not showering for a few days and likes fresh clothes this is perfect!

The company's I have looked up all offer walking tours in other European country's as well, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Here are a few links to some of the places I have found offering what looks like the most perfect way to see the European country side!

This last ones my favorite!

Ps. Dear future husband, this would make the PERFECT honeymoon!

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Very First Guest Post!

I am guest posting over at Shealynns Faerie Shoppe today!! Come on over and check it out. I have to admit to being awed by Shealynn's jewelry and drawing skills, she is very inspiring! =)

My Turn to Teach!

First off let me inform you that Augustine of Hippo is in fact a male and not a female and Hippo is where he was bishop and not in relation to his stature….not that I ever would have thought that, my imagination is much too sophisticated to have the first image to pop into my head when I first read the name be of a rather jolly, older nun who maybe was a little on the chubby side……

But back to the point, despite first impressions, I have heard of this man before and always meant to read more about him but never got around to it. I will be heading to the library website after I am done writing this and hopefully will find something about him to read!

Yours truly was “teaching” (aka, actually reading the chapter (apparently not as easy to get done as you would think) and then asking what the different sections meant to everyone or if anything jumped out at them!) I really liked this one; it was about the way we should act while we are fasting. Basically don’t moon about all depressed and sad, letting everyone know what you are doing. Because then you are doing it for all the wrong reasons, for man’s approval and not Gods.

What really stood out to me is that we are doing it for God and if we are grumbling and feeling depressed and deprived how must that make God feel? It’s like someone who offers to help you then complains and grumbles the whole time, then after the job is done, still wants praise and a blessing, even though they made you feel like a heel for something they willingly offered to do for you.

We should find great joy in being able to do these things for God, He accepts and receives with gladness our paltry “gifts” of worship and praise, of fasting and time spent with Him. I really liked one of the things that the guy who wraps up each chapter said, he said don’t think of it as not feasting, but you getting the opportunity to feast upon God rather then food.(Okay, he put it in a much better way, but I don’t have my book with me so you get the slightly cannibalistic sounding version…..)

Then main topic of the night though was not really any of my doing, it was something that one of the other groupies brought up, how hard it can be to be act like a Christian when others are treating you like dirt. Like when your boss at work tells you to do something you may not agree with, but you’ve still got to pass on the order and not disrespect the boss in the process. Or one of the others groupies has a problem with her coworkers gossiping about the supervisor, she doesn’t join in, but should she say something to stop them? When do you put your foot down and say something and when do you stay quiet? Do you always stir the pot or should you never speak up?

My experiences in this are usually my employers (who have all been Christian by the way) asking me to bend the rules or outright lie, I have always managed to find a way to do what they want and satisfy my conscience, but I am anxiously the day when I can’t reconcile these two things and have to make that choice!

So, what do we do? What was decided last night is you just have to take it on a case to case basis and get to know your bible because the more you have Gods word internalized the more readily you can know what you should do in certain situations. There are reactions that are always a bad idea, like anger or revenge and of course if completely goes against how we know God wants us to live, you do have to make the choice to stand up for God and truth!

I am both dreading and secretly looking forward to the day when I have to take a stand for my God. I am quiet but do have a big temper (Yes I do, if you don’t believe me ask my family! I rant and rave with the best of them and if you make me mad be assured that I will be acting upon my righteous anger and indignation in some book worthy scene….. all in my head of course!) and while I avoid confrontation like the plague, I hope I will rise to the occasion and act how God wants me too when the day arrives!=)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesome St. Patty's Day!


~The fact I grabbed a banana and a banana cream pie yogurt for lunch, that's a lot of banana....speaking of awkward the word banana is really awkward to type!

~Never having tried Thera Flu and being enticed into it by the commercials with the cute but tough ( you know the type that makes you just want to take care of them) guys sighing happily over their mugs of steaming tea..... A few seconds later they're all geared up to go tackle their grueling outside jobs with big smiles on their five o'clock shadowed faces.....I took a big swig and just about gagged! It is like cough drops and cough syrup had a thick-mentholated-evil-little-comfort-promising baby!

~Chugging said mutant baby of cold medicines and feeling nauseous, I guess I am distracted from my stuffy nose and sore throat now.....

~The tattoo on the woman who was sitting in front of me at the pool, it was a pony surrounded by flowers, the picture of goodness and innocence right?.....Wrong! It was giving me the stink eye the whole 45 minutes of swim lessons.....we had a glare off.....I'm pretty sure he won.....


~You know those mini doughnut pans? The ones I thought were hyped up and in the words of Alton Brown, a useless uni-tasker? Yeah, turns out they're pretty awesome! Mom? We need to try ours, okay?=)

~Jumpin' Jade nail polish by Sally Hansen, it's the perfect dark sparkly teal and what is currently on my fingers!

~Finally finding the perfect outfit in which to mix stripes and at the end of the post!

~The fact I have a St. Patrick's day party to go to tonight, I love this holiday, everyone gets to be Irish on St. Patrick's Day!

~The Butterfly Circus, I dare you to watch it and not tear up at least a little! I love the ring master and am I the only one who thinks Nick Vujicic is pretty darn cute? ;-)

The Butterfly Circus 2009 by xavi10m

~What I Wore~

Green Shirt~ Faded Glory via was part of a lot, so maybe it cost a $1?
Floral Shirt~ Jc Penny $7.80
Jeans~ Lane Bryant via eBay $15
Boots~Wal-Mart $17
Necklace~Made by me

 I've been wanting to mix stripes and florals, but couldn't find an outfit I liked with the options I had. I was inspired when I got this green shirt a few weeks ago, I love how it looks! =)

 I got this and 3 other lovely crocheted flowers (it actually has a pin back on it, I just pinned it to the headband!) from the woman I got the pay it forward idea from! Thanks Lori!!

A little surprise a leprechaun (aka Mom!) had left for me. I've been wanting one for awhile and this one is sooo cute! Maybe it will even help me cut down on my Starbucks habit..... ;-)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Vintage Summer Wedding

To put one thing straight, I am not anywhere close to getting married.....but a girl can dream, can't she?? =D
My Vintage Wedding

My Vintage Wedding by LadyKatySue on

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

♥My Favorite Things♥

♥My Favorite Things♥

This Skirt I am soo tempted to buy it, but the $80 price tag is a little daunting.....

This Dress Pattern I. Am. In. Love! A dress with no zippers or buttons and it has pockets? Sign me up!

This Movie for $8, booyah! Last time I looked it was $20!

These Muffins are heavenly and so simple it's not even funny!

It's amazing how close to the original this sounds! I am officially fascinated!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Old Man River

This is a clip from the movie Till the Clouds Roll By, I don't remember much about the movie except this part, it didn't seem to fit in very well into the plot..... anyway this is my favorite version of Old Man River!(It has nothing to do with the fact it's sung by a young Frank Sinatra in a white suit......nothing at all I tell you!!) They managed such wonderful routines in these old musicals, they are even more amazing when you realize they did it all without the aid of computers and such. =) 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


~Not knowing if I'm supposed to link up every Thursday, or just anyone?? ;-)

~Not being able to hear out of my right all! My hearing was already a little fuzzy because when I'm sick my right ear decides it's now a candle making factory.....ewww right? Well, the dewaxer I put in my ear has now completely cut off all hearing, hmm not exactly the result I was hoping for!!

~The game night at a friends house tomorrow.....why is that awkward you may ask?.....this is who's coming.....4 couples.....and me.....and they want to play Settlers of Catan..... in right, okay me, myself and I will be on a team.....wait, that's one to many..... =P

~Having a little girl put "makeup" on you, and after she's all done you realize she's just slathered 8 different kinds of lip gloss all over your face.....getting that off will be super fun!


~It's almost spring!!!!!!! The wind is getting warmer and it's raining, not snowing!

~Getting to sleep in this morning! What made it even more awesome is the fact that yesterday and tomorrow I have to leave for work at 6:00am, so getting to sleep till 8 this morning was super duper awesome!!

~I got two very lovely packages this week, both from blog/gift exchanges, a post on them is in the process of being written! Thanks girls, you know who you are!

~The movie Rango and the fact that the first seven seconds of this clip are still in there, it's seriously addicting!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My First Vlog and an Accent test!

I saw this over at Puddles of Memories and thought it looked fun! Plusth you all get to hear me listhp, won't that be sthuper sthpecial? ;-)

Sorry about the way it keeps zooming in and out, I can't figure out how to turn off the facial recognition feature on my web cam, so it's goes crazy sometimes! The sound also appears to be slightly off with the picture, though it's kind of like starring in my own badly dubbed film, who knows maybe Godzilla will put in  an appearance.....or not!
Here is the test if you want to tackle it for yourself!

Aunt, Route, Wash, Oil, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, Sure, Data, Ruin, Crayon, Toilet, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Spitting image, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Syrup, Pajamas, Caught, Kitten, Fourteen.

What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?

What is the bug that when you touch it, it curls into a ball?

What is the bubbly carbonated drink called?

What do you call gym shoes?

What do you say to address a group of people?

What do you call the kind of spider that has an oval-shaped body and extremely long legs?

What do you call your grandparents?

What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?

What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining?

What is the thing you change the TV channel with?

GabrielleAtelier is the name of the shop where I got the earrings! Thanks for watching! (If you did and if you didn' just missed an Oscar winning performance let me tell you!)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Fasting.....What is it really?

I am about to let you in on a little secret.....come a little closer.....idontknoweverything…..there I said it, moving on!.....Oh, wait, you couldn’t quite tell what I said? Erm…..okay you caught me! I KatySue Pillsbury do not know everything, as much as I hate to admit it, sometimes I’ve just accepted things the way they were presented and never thought about it beyond that! I am willing (for the most part, Mom stop laughing!) to listen to new information and change my opinion if the new information lines up with the things I do know for sure! Last night was such a time…..but don’t let anyone who was there know, alright? I’ve got a reputation of perfection to keep up! ;-)

Anywhoodle (Oh yes, I just used that word and I know, that you know, it’s awesome!) Last night’s lesson was about fasting, it wasn’t the lesson I’d read in preparation for the evening. I didn’t go last week because I was sick last and I hadn’t exactly read last week’s lesson anyway, I was sick give me a break! So I read the next one…..I guess they would have been bereft without my awe inspiring wisdom, because they didn’t have group, leaving me with no idea what the lesson was on and egg on my face!

It was a selection by Catharine Marshall; the author of Christy, yeah I’ve never read it, that makes me a failure as I homeschooled female, I know! And she wrote about “fasting” from criticalness for a day. This idea didn’t seem odd to me as I’ve done similar things before, in fact I’ve done more nonfood related fasts then I’ve done food ones. I’ve never fasted from a sin or personality trait, but I’ve fasted from TV, reading books besides the Bible, non-Christian music… on and so forth.

I called these “fasts” because that’s how they were presented, but it was pointed out to me last night that all of the fasts in the bible are food related; you don’t eat for a certain period of time and focus on God, with a specific goal in mind.

In the case of the guys (Jesus and his 40 days is one example) who would spend long periods of time out in the dessert/a lonely place before their mission began. It seems like a time of testing, preparation and focus.
There were three “goals” of fasting mentioned, but they last two seemed awfully similar so I combined them in my head (sorry if I’ve done so incorrectly, but as I sated at the beginning, I’m not perfect!) into asking for favor (aka favors, there was quite the discussion on whether they were the same thing or not and while I do have an opinion, it shall remain unsaid!) To me asking for guidance-protection-for your head to stay upon your shoulders, is asking for a favor/favors, again correct me if I misconstrued what was said.

I walked into the meeting unprepared for the lesson and walked away with a new outlook on fasting, for it to truly be a biblical fast, you must give up food! Not that the other kinds of “fasts” are bad, but they are not technically biblical fasts. A lot of it seems to boil down to your attitude and food is the medium that best creates the mental/emotional state that biblical fasting requires.

Someone said that as far as fasting went, giving up a sin seemed odd. Hey God, I’m going to honor you by giving something up for a day that I shouldn’t be doing anyway, but I’m going to start right up being critical-sarcastic-angry-prideful-gossipy, after my fast is over, okay? Can I please have my gold star now?
So, I will still “fast” from things other than food, but I am better equipped with knowledge as to what a true biblical fast is supposed to look like and accomplish. Speaking of fasting….. even though I am no longer Catholic I still continue to observe Lent…..Mardi Gra sounds fun too and I always wanted to go to a parade and get beads….until I learned exactly how you got the beads…..*sigh* being naive is so much more fun!

I give up food sometimes, like coffees (the fancy smacy Starbucks kind, yes I’m one of those people!) or soda but in recent years I’ve taken to giving up “time takers”. Last year I had gotten a little (okay a lot!) addicted to Lost (Yes, I am also one of those people, boy I’m just shoving all my skeletons out today, aren’t I?!), so I gave it up for Lent and spent the kids nap times reading my bible and praying rather than glued to a screen! This year I’m trying to decide between a few big time takers, blogging and FB being on the chopping block! While the original intent of Lent seems to have been lost in recent years (or maybe not so recent) I think of it as a time to honor and thank God for the gift of his Son! And whatever the original reason or religion the tradition comes from, a set aside season for honoring God is never a bad thing, if the right heart attitude is involved!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nancy Drew!

As the Nancy Drew books where my favorite books as a kid I will definitely be participating!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thrusday


~Having a really bad burn that is now bright red and looks more like a cut, but that's not the awkward's the fact that it's right across the veins on the underside of my wrist....I promise I am not that depressed! I can't wait to explain that scar! ;-)

~Getting to work on Monday and I can't talk-or when I can I sound like an old woman-and finding out I get to deal with a burst pipe, no water and the plumber coming in 30 minutes! I don't even know where the broken pipe is, oh and here's a blank check to fill out for him.....if it's more the $500 give me a call....when you can't talk.....

~Having to talk to the plumber, who of course was young and cute, how come we always get the old ones who smell like feet?

~Realizing that I haven't washed my hair, or even brushed it since's washed now!


~The cute plumber! ;-) Hey, if you have to deal with him anyway......

~The flowers in our front yard! There just teeny tiny crocuses and will most likely get snowed on at least 3 more times but still, spring is coming!!!!

~Discovering that a trip to see older sis in CO this summer is a possibility! Chile's here I come....erm I mean Megan here I you sis! ;-)

~Mmm, the fact that I'm most likely going to go and makes pancakes for lunch as soon as I'm done with this post....if that isn't awesome I don't know what is!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beiber Fever?

I may not listen to his music, but I am a fan of his nail polish for OPI/Nicole, sold at Wal-Mart! OMB! Is the perfect shade of red and I also picked up a creamy minty/blue-y color that I saw on various fashion bloggers and loved! For $7 I hoped that it would stay un-chipped for at least a few days, but the red chipped in just over 24 hours, dishes and hair washing are the death of manicures I'm telling you! Though I have found that the colors with shimmer/glitter in them chip faster, maybe it's because the edges are rough? Or maybe I'm just looking for excuses.....

The color is My Lifesaver
 I am a notoriously bad nail painter, I get it all over my cuticles and nail beds, but I found that if I paint my nails the night before I can pick off most of the mess after my shower the next morning! I also need to push back my cuticles, but it scares me, so I never do! Yes, my nails are really short, but they don't chip as fast that way, so it's a good thing, right?.....look Ma more excuses! Speaking of Ma, I know my Ma is cringing right now, she likes the more found in nature shades, colors in the pinkish and redish- family, not blues, greys and greens!

This last picture is included so you can gape in awe and wonder at my amazingly short thumb and pinkie! I didn't realize how much shorter they were until I was taking these pictures! Though maybe the fact that I have to buy mittens and gloves in the kids department so I won't have the dreaded finger tip flaps should have given me a clue.... ;-)