Monday, March 28, 2011

Hair Cut....Thoughts Anyone??

I have a question for you, if you get two curly girls together in a  room, what is the ONE thing they will most likely start talking about? If you guessed their hair you would be right! So, pull up a seat because me, myself and I are going to talk things out!

This is the first haircut that inspired mine, after trying to go long and finding it to be waaay to much work to have down and far to heavy to have up all the time. I saw this movie and had the urge to cut it and got about 9 inches cut off. It went from tail bone length to just above bra strap length.

It was still a lot of work and I found myself putting it up all the time, again! Which frankly isn't the most flattering look for me! Then I saw this episode of What not to Wear (Love that show!) and got the black girl hair cut (I didn't name it that, my freaked out family did. They said I wasn't black, so couldn't pull off a black girl hair cut.) It didn't quite turn out like hers as my hair has much less uniform curl and is way frizzier. Plus, I need bangs, my huge shiny forehead is not a sight that the general public needs to be treated too!

This is my hair now, last time I got it cut, she cut it a bit shorter, better, but it still wasn't quite what I wanted.

A few options I've very badly pasted together. The one on the right is just a bit shorter then now and as for the one on the left.... it is freaking my Mom out when she's reading this!
Let me know what all ya'lls thoughts are! =)
hair cuts!