Thursday, June 30, 2011

Awkward and Awesome


~Those times you are just walking along and minding your own business when all of the feel a strand of spider silk slap you across the face. Your first reaction is to frantically scrape at your face because you just KNOW there is a HUGE spider attached to that strand of silk.....
I never have found a spider on me after one of these frequent summer time happenings...until yesterday! I've gotten to the point where I can just shudder and calmly wipe away the strand and not freak out....then yesterday I wiped one away and then I felt a tickle on my hand and looked down.....there was a spider on my hand! So, I did the first thing anyone would do, I slapped my self silly and then wiped my hand on my skirt.....what, isn't that what you would do? ;-)

~Realizing once again that my hair will do it's own thing no matter how I cut it! I happen to like the results this time.....well, the first day results....we are trying coming to terms with the second day hair! Why won't you be smooth, wavy/curly, you are an inanimate object bend to my will....yeah, like that's ever going to happen!

~I really tried to like the 1969 True Grit, but they were all soo clean (hello it's the old west, how exactly are you all so clean shaven and undirty?) don't even get me started on Glen Cambles hair.....and the girl was so whiny.... But the plot was excellent and John Wayne was good, I hadn't ever seen him in anything before, but he was fun to watch!


~BUBBLE WRAP! This one might span both categories, I love bubble wrap...but the fact I will (and have) pull a Mr. Magorium with it might be awkward for some.....

~The author brain organizing program (AKA WriWro) a friend wrote (it stills bends my mind that he came up with an idea for a computer program and a week later it was sitting in my in-box waiting to be tried out) and it's awesome!
But wait..... now I have to actually organize myself and gather all of my notebooks and type ( okay, okay, hen peck.....yes it's sad but true, I CAN NOT learn to type) the contents of  the aforementioned notebooks onto my computer.
WriWro = Awesome
Reading my own handwriting and entering notebooks full of my gibberish onto the computer = Not so awesome!

~A friend is starting a Zumba class at church and I am actually pretty good at it, but exercise clothes and me DO NOT get along. Super tight spandex pants on my booty? Not good, but I found the perfect pair of Zumba pants, they actually make my butt look good! Which makes me happy because I like my junk filled trunk! =)

~Waking up at 4:50am to exercise? Not awesome! But, add in getting up and exercising, then relaizing you don't have to be at work early, so you can go back to bed for 2 hours, AWESOME! =)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm Baaaack!

Hi everybody! First order of business, I got my hair trimmed.....yes, again! I took in a picture of this girls hair and the hairdresser gave me the cut and wet it looks almost the same.....

 .....but once again I am reminded of the thickness of my hair. Mine, when dry, will never lay close and wavy to my head like that. I love it though! It only took an hour for it to air dry this morning, yeah!

Why am I wearing pants in the summer when skirts are so much cooler and much more summery looking? I'll let you in on a little's only when I wear pants that I'm a  lazy butt and skip shaving my legs....TMI?....maybe..... but am I pretty sure that most of you do the same thing?.....Yep!.....You know who you are! ;-)
 Button Down: ShopKo
Cami: Jc Penny (one of their cheap tanks turned around back wards)
Jeans: Venezia via eBay
Earrings: ShopKo
Necklace: B-day gift.

As soon as I saw this necklace at Hallmark I fell in love with it. It's like a locket and they have tons of the little charms you can pick out to out inside! =)

An awesome RAINBOW (check out the link) that showed up two days in a row!

 I noticed it showed up better when I was wearing my sunglasses, so I put them in front of the camera lens and took a few pics! My own make shift lens filter, I felt so Magyver-y!

My Dad is letting me play with his DSLR and it's making my little point and shoot seem so very sad and slow by comparison!! I love the manual focus for macro shots!

And lastly my B-day breakfast were the worlds BEST doughnuts! They are just normal raised doughnuts, but the pink frosting is berry flavored or something, it's sooooo yummy and they usually only put it on the cake doughnuts, which I don't like. So, one year I asked if we could order these special and even though every time we get them the lady grumbles, I still make my family get them for me! What can I say? They really are the best! =)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Nick Pitera

This. Guy. Is. Awesome!
He is one person whose videos I will faithfully check up on to see if he's done anything new. He can do the -I'm a guy but I'm singing like a girl- thing with out the usual creepiness factor. Go ahead and watch, you won't be sorry! He works as an animator for Disney and that only adds to the coolness factor. =)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Give Away!!

Found this through a Friends blog and thought it looked amazing!

CLICK HERE to read more about Jessica and enter to win your own copy of her book! 

What I've Been Up To.....

....or in other words, why I haven't been posting! ;-)

~It's VBS this week and I am in charge of rewriting the skits, getting rehearsals together and acting in them. While it's not very much work during VBS for me this year, the time leading up to it was way busier the normal and I am gone fore 4-5 hours in the afternoon. Cowabunga dudes!

~We're getting my little sis(Maybe not so little now that she's 18!) off to Latvia for 6 weeks to intern at a summer camp. GO BECCA!!!

~There were two b-days. Becca turned 18 and I turned 25!
I went to my new favorite restaurant and had the best dessert EVER. Creme brulee cheesecake, yum! Some one had the genius ideas to combine my two favorite desserts, so I would no longer have to choose between them, thank you Greg's Grill!!
I also got to try Ice Wine, which I have been fascinated by since I heard about 5 years ago. It lived up to my expectations which was a pretty tall order there folks!

~My Dad very kindly left his very nice DSLR camera for me to play with, but when I went to get the pics off of it, I failed! The memory card I found was HUGE and there is no slot on my computer the right size and I can't find a cable to that would work either. So, as soon as I get the pics off of that you'll get to see some awesome(hopefully) pics!

That's about it, hopefully after we get my sister off and VBS ends, things will calm down and I can start posting more regularly again!

Monday, June 13, 2011


This was just to much, -cute-guys-singing-and-acting-silly - not to share. I love these guys! Check out Neils cheek bones.....and Hugh's accent?*swoon*

Blog Party! Day Three~Reading List

Grace over at Puddles of Memories is hosting a blog party....I may be a few days late, but I'm going to try and keep up from now on!!

Today we are supposed to post a list of the books we are planning on reading this summer! I'm funny, I always feel the urge to reread some of my favorite books in the summer, so most of these I've read before, I'll let you know if it's a new one!

~The Song of the Lioness series by Tamora Pierce
I love these books, I first read them when I was 11 and have been in love with Tamera's work ever since! These I reread every summer!

~Gone With the Wind and Scarlett
I hate Ashley and love Rhett. I know should act like Melanie, but there is a small part of me that soo wants to be Scarlett! The sequel was written by Alexandra Ripely and takes place mostly in Ireland. A definite must read for the Gone With the Wind fan. STAY away from the movie adaption of the sequel, it is garbage! =)

~Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow
I just got done reading this one, but will be reading again soon. It is a MUST read for anyone who worries, and who doesn't?? I devoured it the first time I read it and need some time to process before I go through it again. Hopefully I will find someone to do the bible study with me.....anyone interested? We could work something out over the internet I'm sure, weekly posts or something like that, let me know! =)

.....and that's all I officially have planned! I'm more of a, let's go to the library and browse spur of the moment kind of reader! I read tons in the summer (okay, I read tons all the time, but it seems like even more in the summer!) and am looking forward to revisiting my old summer faves!

Oh! I will also be rereading/retyping the books I need to edit and re-enter into my computer, so let's add...

Into the Woods (A modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast) 


Refrigerate After Death (Book one in the Rolling Pin Murders) that above list! 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


~The new blogger layout, are me and my sis the only ones who don't like it?

~The fact that I had banana yogurt and strawberry milk for lunch, the awkward part? I'm trying to convince myself that that totally counts as two servings of fruit.....and I've almost done it! ;-)

~I got gas (car gas, just to clarify) on the way to work this morning and the usual cute gas guy comes out (that's so not the reason I go to the slightly out of the way station....okay it might be ONE of the reasons.....*shame*) Ahem, anywhoodle.....I'm covertly watching cute gas guy out of the corner of my eye when he start waving the window squeegee towards the station and yells, "See, I'm doing it!" I've never seen him wash anyones windows, apparently he's supposed too.

Then as he's leaning over my car, on the drivers side, his walkie talkie squawks REALLY loud and since it's practically in my open window it startles both of us. He slaps at it but then when he's almost done, the walkie talkie squawks again and a laughing voice says, "You sure look sexy washing that window!"

I smile and snort (I'm super sexy too, don't you know!), while cute gas guy rips the walkie talkie off of his belt and mumbles something along the lines of-I'm going to kill you later-into the walkie talkie.....he very quickly finished washing my window and takes my money. Poor cute gas guy! =)

~While we are speaking of my shameful gas getting practices, I may be one of those awful and unprepared people who wait until it's on E to fill my tank.....I've only ever had to drive with the gas light on that's not including the times my negligence has made my poor Mom drive with it on....she's just lucky I guess! Sorry Mom, I'll try to do better!

~The fact that mine and my sisters laptop got the same virus and while it didn't destroy ANY of her files it totally ate all of mine. So, the person who still had all of her files on our desk top and could replace them with ease, didn't get any of her files eaten.While the person who's files were just on her laptop, loses them all. One of my FB friends said it the best, BULLOCKS!!!!

(On a side note, I will begin posting more regularly and with pictures as soon as I can, sorry about the lack of posting!)


~I did manage to save the book I wrote for NaNoWriMo last year, a few skits and a Christmas play that I wrote because I'm e~mailed for one reason or another, so hotmail had them on a sky drive. YEAH! Now, I just need to rewrite 2 books, half of another one and countless other book beginnings, skits and little jots....wait this is supposed to be the awesome section, oops! *blush*

~Mmmm, strawberry milk....yum!!!

~Oh yes, I soo did! I found it for $85!

And can I just say it's AMAZING! It even smells good, like leather and sunshine! =)

~This years VBS skits. Not only do I get to be in them, but I also got to rewrite them! I love using my writing and acting like fool up on stage abilities for God! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that I CAN use what I think of as rather insignificant and useless talents for Him!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


~The fact that once again I celebrated Face Books Wear a Dress Day by wearing jeans....yep, someone who wears dresses or at least skirts 90% of the time has managed to miss all three Wear a Dress Days! *sigh* There's always next time.....

~The woman I house sat for this past weekend called me yesterday and we arranged for her to leave my money on a bench by her front door between 3pm and 4pm. When I got there, no envelope! As I was poking around the front porch, I failed to notice the older person walking there I was sneaking around and finding envelopes full of money (I had to take the money out because I was supposed leave the house key in the envelope and put it back on the bench!).....that doesn't look suspicious at all!!! I sheepishly smiled and got out of there as quick as I could!

~Finally breaking down and using the locker rooms (I hate lockers rooms, naked people make me uncomfortable and I have a little kids tendency to stare....ya, I'm that mature!) at the pool when I took the girl I nanny to swim lessons, figuring it was swim lessons for kids how many adults would be showering at this time in the morning....the answer to that little question is two.....AWKWARD!!

~Recalling one of the reasons why I grew my hair out as I stare in the mirror at my fuzz ball of a hair do! It grows so fast, I really do need a trim every 4-6 weeks.....let's see, ease of care or cheapness, ease of care or cheapness? Which option will win out?


~ This manicure! It's Sally Hansen's nail strips, so far they've lasted really well! Only chipping where I couldn't get them smooth over the edges of my nails, so they caught on things! Each package only comes with 8 strips, so my thumbs are just painted hot pink. =)

~It's supposed to in the 70's and 80's this weekend!

~Finally getting to editing last years NaNoWriMo entry and finding it's not as in need of editing as I feared! Though in re-reading it I did realized how much I once again based my characters on real people.....that's perfectly legal, right?

~BUBBLE TEA! Almond or coconut with a green tea base and tapioca pearls to be exact! Mmm, yum! =)