Thursday, June 30, 2011

Awkward and Awesome


~Those times you are just walking along and minding your own business when all of the feel a strand of spider silk slap you across the face. Your first reaction is to frantically scrape at your face because you just KNOW there is a HUGE spider attached to that strand of silk.....
I never have found a spider on me after one of these frequent summer time happenings...until yesterday! I've gotten to the point where I can just shudder and calmly wipe away the strand and not freak out....then yesterday I wiped one away and then I felt a tickle on my hand and looked down.....there was a spider on my hand! So, I did the first thing anyone would do, I slapped my self silly and then wiped my hand on my skirt.....what, isn't that what you would do? ;-)

~Realizing once again that my hair will do it's own thing no matter how I cut it! I happen to like the results this time.....well, the first day results....we are trying coming to terms with the second day hair! Why won't you be smooth, wavy/curly, you are an inanimate object bend to my will....yeah, like that's ever going to happen!

~I really tried to like the 1969 True Grit, but they were all soo clean (hello it's the old west, how exactly are you all so clean shaven and undirty?) don't even get me started on Glen Cambles hair.....and the girl was so whiny.... But the plot was excellent and John Wayne was good, I hadn't ever seen him in anything before, but he was fun to watch!


~BUBBLE WRAP! This one might span both categories, I love bubble wrap...but the fact I will (and have) pull a Mr. Magorium with it might be awkward for some.....

~The author brain organizing program (AKA WriWro) a friend wrote (it stills bends my mind that he came up with an idea for a computer program and a week later it was sitting in my in-box waiting to be tried out) and it's awesome!
But wait..... now I have to actually organize myself and gather all of my notebooks and type ( okay, okay, hen peck.....yes it's sad but true, I CAN NOT learn to type) the contents of  the aforementioned notebooks onto my computer.
WriWro = Awesome
Reading my own handwriting and entering notebooks full of my gibberish onto the computer = Not so awesome!

~A friend is starting a Zumba class at church and I am actually pretty good at it, but exercise clothes and me DO NOT get along. Super tight spandex pants on my booty? Not good, but I found the perfect pair of Zumba pants, they actually make my butt look good! Which makes me happy because I like my junk filled trunk! =)

~Waking up at 4:50am to exercise? Not awesome! But, add in getting up and exercising, then relaizing you don't have to be at work early, so you can go back to bed for 2 hours, AWESOME! =)