Friday, June 28, 2013

Curiouser and Curiouser..... seems like all the blogs I follow are worried about the upcoming demise of Google friend connect, and I'm curious, where did all y'all here about it? I never got any notice the dire news just showed up in the blogishpere, did you get an official email or something? 

When I google the subject, I can still only find the news on other blogs, nothing that seems very official, can someone help a girl out and let me in on the secret source? 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Henna Time!

I've always wanted red hair, and after seeing Megan's experience with henna, the lovely lass behind the amazing blog, The Nautical Owl, check out her henna experience HERE!, I decided to take the red hair plunge my self, well, not all by myself, I may have rounded up a few other victims....I mean volunteers.....

So, last week when my sister, her hubby and my adorable niece stopped by for a week on their way to Alabama, a few of us girls took a morning to cover out heads in stinky swamp goo, aka henna!


I'm not going to sugar coat it, it smells like a swampy alfalfa field, and pretty much looks like it too. Is this really going to turn our hair red? 

Note Shawn's ( aka my sisters hubby) face, he's not sure about this at all!

One head down, two to go!

 I'm a leeetle nervous, all the other times I've dyed my hair it's turned orange, which would have been great had traffic cone been the color I was aiming for.....

All shower capped up and ready to wait the prescribed 2 1/2 hours!

Sadly I didn't get a pic of all three of us together, but here is an after pic of Megan, she got a ginger blond color, ain't she pretty? =)

And, here's mine, not a huge changed, but I knew going I that I would just get a faint red cast, but I love it anyway! =)

Some tips and tricks!

I got the henna from here:

All three of us did test on hair we got from our hair brushes (or from the hair catcher in the shower drain.....yes eww I know, but I don't brush my hair, so I had to get it from somewhere!), we just did a few teaspoons of the henna and some water in a plastic bag and smooshed it around with the hair, left it for a few hours then rinsed it off.

The website said you would need one packet for normal thickness, shoulder length hair, and said to get two for thicker or curlier hair, I got two for myself just in case, but me and the sister with the really short hair both could have just used the one packet, we had more then one packet left over after we were done!

It really does take a LONG time and A LOT of conditioner to rinse out the henna, I admittedly have super thick hair, but it took me a full 20 minutes of hanging my head upside down in the shower to get it almost rinsed out, the water was still faintly colored coming off of my head, but as my thighs and back were screaming from being hunched over, I decided 20 minutes was long enough!! 

The smell will last for a few days on dry hair and is still there when my hair gets wet, and the water still comes off of my head reddish, so I can't speak to how long it takes for the smell to fade and the color to not leech out! But, it has never rubbed off onto my clothes or pillow case!

Over all I am happy with the experience and the color and I will probably do it again, most like with a winesh color come fall/winter time!

Let me know if you try it, I would love to here about your experience with henna!

Friday, June 14, 2013

A B C,easy as 1 2 3.....

I have seen this on a few blogs and finally decided to steal the idea for myself!
 Feel free to take this list and use it write your own ABC's, if you do leave me a comment with a link, I'd love to read yours!

Ambition: To do all for the glory of God!

Bad Habit: I am one of those people who choose the squeeze the toothpaste tube from the middle or *gasp* even the bottom instead of the top!

Celebrity Crush: I would have to pick this guy!
           .....He's hilarious and I've loved everything I've seen him in, plus he fangirls with the best of us about shows like Doctor Who!

Drink: Icy cold Dr. pepper. Though I have recently discovered Sonic (How did I not know about this place, they have cheese sticks, can you say heaven in a drive though?) and the vast array of flavors you can add to your beverage. I can say with perfect authority that the blue coconut and Dr. Pepper go splendidly together!

Education: Public schooled through 6th grade then home schooled through the rest of middle and high school and that's all!

Food: I happen to share Sam Gamgees affinity for potatoes, boil em, mash em, put em' in a stew....though I would add bake and fry to that illustrious list! =)

Guilty Pleasure: Rice Krispie Treats Cereal, a childhood favorite recently rediscovered at Wal-Mart!

Hometown: San Louis Opisbo California

Ice Cream:  Ben and Jerrys Cinnamon Bun Swirl, though I discovered a recipe for toasted marshmallow ice cream on Pinterest last year and that definitely gives the Ben and Jerry's a run for it's money....and then there is this salted caramel truffle at Krogers that I have been known to throw a little fit over when it's gone.....maybe it would be easier to just say, ice cream goooooooood!

Jonesing For: Some friends! It's been a little lonely down here in good ol' TN! My church seems to be in short supply of people my age who are single and my current profession of nanny doesn't exactly give me much a chance for friend making either, so I'm a little at at a loss here!

Kryptonite: Cheesy romantic comedies or books, add a quirky best friend with zany wardrobe and I am so going to watch it! You want to know who watches all of the made for TV badly acted and or filmed Hallmark movies? That's right, this girl does and is not ashamed to say it!!!

Look-a-like: *grumble*grumble* The few people I've been compared to have been Rosie O'Donnel and oh, you look just the fat girl from that show, you know the one..... =P

Movie: Penelope, Bride and Prejudice, Beauty and the Beast, The Anne of Green Gables movies, Lost in Austen, Labyrinth, just to name a few!

Nickname: KatySue or TayTay

Obsessions:  Different versions of Beauty and the Beast and accents of all kinds!

Perfume: Vanille by Molinard, it smells like creme brulee and I LOVE it!

Quirk: I rarely ever wears shoes, and if I talk to you for any length of time I will be cataloging your smell and quirks so I can remember you later, most likely with a nickname, rather then your real name!

Regret: Not appreciating the carefree-ness of my childhood more and I really should have applied myself better at school.....sorry Mom.....

Starbucks: Iced Grande Caramel Macciato

The Last Book You Read: The second book the the Beyonders series, Seeds of Rebellion. It's a good series, but you shouldn't become attached to any of the characters  I hear from my siblings that not many of them survive the third book.....

Unique Feature: Normal length torso, itty bitty hobbit legs! I appear of an average height when sitting down but when we stand up my 24" inseam catches up with me and I am now shorter then most everyone in the room! And my big hair, it's a bit of a love hate relationship, but I figure I'm not in bad company in the big hair arena!

 Vacation: Would love to go on them, but never had had the budget to travel much!

Wine: Ice, ice baby. Ice wine is my very favorite! They wait to harvest the grapes until after the first frost, then have to pick the grapes and press them before they thaw, something about the freezing develops the sugars in the grapes and turns the wine into the sweet nectar of the Gods! ;-)

X:-actly what am I supposed to write here? ;-)

Years: Just like the lovely gal I stole the idea for this post from, (thanks Kellie!) I have taken twenty six turns around the sun on this third rock from the sun!

Zen: A good book, sweet tea or coffee and a cool breeze!