Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year! - Customize and Share your images
Hehe, fantastically cheesy, right? I love it! =)

New years has has always been such a sparkly holiday to me. The party clothes, the drinks, the bubbly happy feeling you get staying up until midnight playing games, eating rich tasty food, the feeling of new beginnings and nostalgia (okay let it be duly noted I spelled nostalgia right the first try, booya!) 

Even though I have yet to go to a sequined covered, confetti throwing party, it's definitely on my bucket is kissing someone at midnight, cheesy and over done as that idea is, it's still something that makes me sigh with jealousy every time I see it in movies!  

These two are so adorable together and this song is fantastic. One of my favorite holiday songs and this is definitely my favorite version!

I will be ringing in the new year in classic Pillsbury clan style by eating Chinese take out (obviously, we are trying a new place, crossing my fingers that its good!) and playing games until midnight, when we will let the neighbors know just what they are getting into with us as neighbors by banging pots and pans and yelling HAPPY NEW YEAR at the top of our lungs! 

Shirt: Kohls, Skirt: made by me

Had to honor this sparkly holiday with sequins somewhere in the outfit!
Scarf: Santa, Earrings: Dress Barn

More on new years and resolutions and such in the next couple days, as I stick my toe into the world of vlogging! =)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Belated Christmas and What I Wore!

Merry belated Christmas!

I may have waited until the 23rd to wrap my presents, but I didn't use one bag this year and I'm kinda sorta may be known as the bag queen..... ;-)

I may have chosen to decorate my gingerbread man with the maximum amount of frosting coverage in mind.....he turned out rather well I thought.....and was pretty tasty!

 .....and I may be lame at remembering to take pictures, so that's it for my camera! My dad took lots, but his memory card doesn't fit in my computer and I am too lazy to retrieve them in a more complicated fashion!

~What I Wore~

 We went into Franklin this afternoon to spend our Barnes and Noble gift cards that Santa gave us and may have stopped at McDonalds for these.....I know, I know, I've received and watched the links hating on them, and yes, I'm still choosing to eat them! 

I got the next two books in William Joyce's Guardians of Childhood series. I love all of his books and highly recommend them! And the Rise of the Guardians movie was pretty fantastic as well, North has got to be my favorite version of Santa ever!

.....and we may have stopped by one more place on the way home.....
I love Buckhead, but I also still miss my good ol' Starbucks! Mmm, Iced caramel macchiato!

Now onto what I wore for this adventure!
Cardigan: JCPenney, Dress: Kohls, Boots: Naturalizer

Belt: Christmas gift

Necklace: Santa!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

pleated poppy

This was one of those, see it on the way out of the store, after blowing your budget, having it drag you to the dressing room and force you to buy it, impulse buy type of dresses, but unlike many of my impulse buys I actually wear this one!
Dress: JCPenney

Hair Flower: JoAnns

Ahh, red and green.....okay, maybe wine and sage for the shade specific among you, but what ever you call it, I love this color combo!
Sweater: Kohls, Skirt: made by me 

Scarf.....of unknown origin!


My Mom offered to take my pics today and I've discovered I dislike having other people take my outfit pictures,  after complaining about having to do it myself! I feel bad making them take so many and yes Mom mugging is more difficult under a watchful eye.....
Sweater:Target Skirt: Kohls (lace added by me), Scarf: Present, Boots: Naturalizer

You can see my bracelets and earrings in this shot if you look close enough!
 Isn't my little brother adorable?
Earrings: made by me, Bracelets: Dress Barn

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What I Wore (and baked) Wednesday

I'm linking up over at The Pleated Poppy today!
pleated poppy

If you stick around until the end of the post you will find a recipe for the most delectable peppermint brownies EVER!

For some reason I felt the need to stand like a flamingo today, this is the only picture where you can actually tell I have two legs!
Scarf: Giveaway, Shirt: Kohls, Skirt: Jcpenney

Don't forget if you are shopping at Kohls to use the code TENBLOG to receive 10% off your order! 

I love this scarf!

My hair is FINALLY getting long long enough to put up! There is a big announcement coming up around New Years about a challenge I'm giving myself dealing with my hair, so stay tuned!

Let's just take a moment to dwell on the fact that there is a FIRE PLACE next to our Christmas tree!!!!! =)

Now onto the yummier part of this post.....

I decided not to smash candy canes on our new tile counters, your welcome Mom! Though if she notices were I smashed them instead she might not be happy.....

The batter is really thick, especially if you have forgotten to smash the candy canes until you have the batter all mixed up and it has to sit for awhile.....

More crushed candy canes sprinkled on top before baking makes for the best crunchy top you've ever tasted!

Whatever should I do with this batter covered spatula.....
I thought of an idea.....yum! ;-)

Mmmmm, they are best about an hour after they've come out of the oven.....but they not bad at 9pm during the Micheal Buble Christmas special either! 

Candy Cane Brownies

1 1/2 cup sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1 cup flour
1 1/2 sticks (3/4 cup) butter
120z chocolate chips, divided
2/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
3 lg eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup milk
10 candy canes finely crushed

Preheat oven to 350. Coat a 8 inch (I used a 9x9 and they turned out fine!) square baking pan with cooking spray.

In medium bowl, mix sugar, salt and flour. Set aside.

In double boiler or microwave safe bowl, melt 6oz chocolate on butter together. Whisk in cocoa, transfer to large mixing bowl and set aside.

In large measuring cup whisk together eggs, vanilla and milk. Add to chocolate, butter, cocoa mixture, and whisk well to combine. Fold in flour mixture, then mix in remaining chocolate chips and all but 2 tablespoons of crushed candy canes.

Transfer batter to prepared baking pan and sprinkle with half of remaining candy canes. bake for 45 minutes or until the center of the brownies is set.

Dust top with remaining candy canes, let cool for an hour then enjoy!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Osage Oranges

When we first got here we found one of these in our gutter. We discussed at length as to what this strange wrinkly, incredibly hard (I stomped on one and it didn't break!) thing could be. We then saw more at a local park we were exploring,  but couldn't figure out if they came from a tree or bush. We did decide if it was a tree, we did not want to be walking underneath said tree when these suckers are falling off!

We did find one some very determined person manged to smash open and it looks like this.....
and smells like watermelon and cucumbers.

Then on one of the blogs I follow I noticed she had a bowl of them on her coffee table and had what they were written underneath the picture. Some internet searching later, I discovered that placed under your bed they supposedly kept spiders and other bugs at bay! The wood is also good for masts and fence posts as it is almost impervious to rot.

We went back to the park and went on an Osage Orange hunt!

After searching for a few minutes and only finding a few rotten looking ones, we were about to give up when we came upon the mother load!

The plants are also used for natural barbed wire as the smaller branches have rather long sharp thorns!

I can't wait to see this place in the summer, it's so pretty now, I can only imagine what it will all look like in the summer!

A bright green bug with a smiley face on it's back!

A pond with a cool looking water feature.

 The happy hunters!

Here's a link to a Wikipedia page on this strange plant!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Awkward and Awesome


~You know what warm winters mean besides, no snow, no sweaters and having to shave my legs all winter long, all awkward things in their own right, but the worst news? It means the bugs DON"T DIE, we get to have flies, mosquitoes, and spiders all year round!!!! =(

~Hmm, do I want to work at a truck stop or Lowes, what wonderful choices I have before me.....

~After growing up on the West coast in tourism hot spots, moving to a small, southern town has provided more culture shock then I was prepared for! 

~Found this, watched this, showed it to my siblings and now am still hearing this all day long, three days later! Just a warning, it gets stuck in your head and will not go away!


~We've got these little guys flying all around our house! I've always wanted to live in a place with them and now I do!

~Saving up enough money from my last job for my bills for 3 months, has helped keep the panic at bay while looking for a job here! I'm enjoying this time "off" way more and am having an easier time not worrying (okay, I'm still pretty worried, but not tearing my hair worrying!) 

~Break out the hot cocoa and blankets girlies, it's cheesy Christmas movie/book season!!!!!!!!!

~Since funds are tight, and visits to Buckhead are limited, this was a fantastically tasty find!!! 
Look for it at your local Starbucks, or buy it here!

~Kohls contacted me and gave me a special discount to pass along to you, my lovely readers. Just enter TENBLOG at check out and you'll get the discount!

~My sister Becca got a job at JcPenny! Besides it being awesome that she found a job so quickly, it also meant the cutest tiny bottle of OPI nail polish! They were giving out samples at the salon and she snagged the prettiest shade of pink for me!

What are some of your favorite Christmas books and movies?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Adventures of Tilly

Fort Carson

Garden of the Gods

My sister's house

Chili's.....My old favorite restaurant.....

Panera Bread.....My new favorite restaurant! While the tasty goodness that is Chili's is still a very close second, I went to Panera bread for the first time and was hooked! 

Not my picture, but a computer wallpaper I found and love!

What I Wore Wednesday!

I'm linking up over at The Pleated Poppy today!
pleated poppy

Does anyone else say Wed-nes-day? I'm not entirely sure why I say it like that, but I do, only in my head of course.....well....almost always in my head..... sometimes it slips out.... ;-) 

Apparently there is some sort of argument going on between my camera and this shirt, they refused to get along so this is the only decent picture I could get! Maybe my camera just doesn't like tiny stripes and bat wing sleeves.....
 Shirt: JcPenny, Skirt: Kohls, Boots: Naturalizer

Kohls contacted me and wants to offer my readers a special 10% discount through December 23! Just enter TENBLOG at checkout to receive the discount, cool huh? =)

Earrings and Necklace: Fred Meyer, Bracelets: Dress Barn

I once saw this pose in a picture and have tried to copy it many times since and this, sad enough to say, is my best attempt yet! =P