Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Osage Oranges

When we first got here we found one of these in our gutter. We discussed at length as to what this strange wrinkly, incredibly hard (I stomped on one and it didn't break!) thing could be. We then saw more at a local park we were exploring,  but couldn't figure out if they came from a tree or bush. We did decide if it was a tree, we did not want to be walking underneath said tree when these suckers are falling off!

We did find one some very determined person manged to smash open and it looks like this.....
and smells like watermelon and cucumbers.

Then on one of the blogs I follow I noticed she had a bowl of them on her coffee table and had what they were written underneath the picture. Some internet searching later, I discovered that placed under your bed they supposedly kept spiders and other bugs at bay! The wood is also good for masts and fence posts as it is almost impervious to rot.

We went back to the park and went on an Osage Orange hunt!

After searching for a few minutes and only finding a few rotten looking ones, we were about to give up when we came upon the mother load!

The plants are also used for natural barbed wire as the smaller branches have rather long sharp thorns!

I can't wait to see this place in the summer, it's so pretty now, I can only imagine what it will all look like in the summer!

A bright green bug with a smiley face on it's back!

A pond with a cool looking water feature.

 The happy hunters!

Here's a link to a Wikipedia page on this strange plant!