Thursday, December 6, 2012

Awkward and Awesome


~You know what warm winters mean besides, no snow, no sweaters and having to shave my legs all winter long, all awkward things in their own right, but the worst news? It means the bugs DON"T DIE, we get to have flies, mosquitoes, and spiders all year round!!!! =(

~Hmm, do I want to work at a truck stop or Lowes, what wonderful choices I have before me.....

~After growing up on the West coast in tourism hot spots, moving to a small, southern town has provided more culture shock then I was prepared for! 

~Found this, watched this, showed it to my siblings and now am still hearing this all day long, three days later! Just a warning, it gets stuck in your head and will not go away!


~We've got these little guys flying all around our house! I've always wanted to live in a place with them and now I do!

~Saving up enough money from my last job for my bills for 3 months, has helped keep the panic at bay while looking for a job here! I'm enjoying this time "off" way more and am having an easier time not worrying (okay, I'm still pretty worried, but not tearing my hair worrying!) 

~Break out the hot cocoa and blankets girlies, it's cheesy Christmas movie/book season!!!!!!!!!

~Since funds are tight, and visits to Buckhead are limited, this was a fantastically tasty find!!! 
Look for it at your local Starbucks, or buy it here!

~Kohls contacted me and gave me a special discount to pass along to you, my lovely readers. Just enter TENBLOG at check out and you'll get the discount!

~My sister Becca got a job at JcPenny! Besides it being awesome that she found a job so quickly, it also meant the cutest tiny bottle of OPI nail polish! They were giving out samples at the salon and she snagged the prettiest shade of pink for me!

What are some of your favorite Christmas books and movies?