Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Break!

I actually got spring break off this year! So, here is some of what I've done, wore and the places I've been!

Made some necklaces! 
I found some brightly colored chain at Wal-Mart for $1a bag and was inspired to make these! =)

 Started on the collage wall I've been wanting to have!

Of course we went to the High Desert Museum, what spring break would be complete without it?
 I really need to get a better can barely see the cute sawmill guy! =(

Died Easter eggs! Can anyone else hardly believe it's only 2 weeks until Easter?
Now that we've all been staring at this egg we realize it looks like our friend Mr. Tim....yes, I mean you Tim Kirkman! It has  a gotee, but you can't really see it! ;-)

My favorite little brother! Aren't those yes and freckles just to die for?

Today's outfit, inspired by....wait for it......this pin from Pinterest!

I've got the yellow, coral, dark gray and a pale gray that kind of almost matches the blue-gray in the picture!
 Cardigan: Wal-Mart, Tank: Wal-Mart, Skirt: Made by me, Tights: Shop-Ko

Bracelet and earrings: Shop-ko

And last but not least.....I am slowly (but surely!) working my way through week two of this!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Awesome and Awkward


~While the movie Funny Face (with Fred and Audrey) is one of my very favorites (really, you need to go and watch it if you haven't all ready!) I recently made the mistake of watching it in HD on a big screen TV while I was babysitting....let's just say instead if a  May-December romance, it looked more like a May-Waaay past his expiration date romance.....sorry Fred, it's sad, but true! ;-)

~Heeeey, I still haven't gotten paid for that babysitting job....I think I need to text someone about that! ;-)

~Hmm, my life appears to not have been very awkward this week.....oh well! =P


~Pinterest! (Like this one really comes as a surprise!) I've found some good pins this week!
Instead of the full to bursting old envelope I have in my wallet for ticket stubs now. I have some dating back too 2006!

Love drinking out of mason jars on picnics, but the wide open tops are like beacons to the bees of the world, so I am very excited about these! Why yes, it does look like a sippy cup for grownups now that you mention it.....

This is EXACTLY what it felt like for me! I just about killed my self choking on coffee when I read this!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Awesome and Awkward


~I've been getting a lot of funny calls on my cell phone lately, for example.....

I don't recognize the number but pick up anyway.....

Me: Hello?


Me: Heeeeelllllllo???

Guy: Oh, hi.....

I wait for him to say what he wants considering I don't recognize the number or the voice!

Guy: Are you there?

Me: Yep!

Guy: *sigh* I was just wondering if we were still having leftover spaghetti for dinner tonight?

Me: Um, I think you have the wrong number.....

Guy: Oh, well, I hope I can still have leftover spaghetti tonight!

He stays on the line, breathing at me.....

Me: I'm sure you will, bye!

Example Two:

Another unknown number but it has called me three times ion the past few days and I'm tired of ignoring it so I pick up.....

Me: Hello?

long fuzzy pause.....

Automated voice: Please hold while I connect you to a representative.....

 I am forced to listen to annoying hold music for about a minute.....

Automated voice: We are sorry, there is no representative free to take your call, please call back later!


~Guess who has her taxes done? And is getting a return? (even though she didn't make enough to pay federal taxes?) That's right, meeeeeeeee!!!! =)


~Guess what? If you have size 6-8 feet you can fit into the kids shoes at Pay-less!!! No, for realies! I just bought these in a youth 6.....
.....not only are they cheaper then something similar in the adult section, the heels are also shorter which makes me happy! =)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Why Do I?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

Many a person has asked what my fascination with Ireland came from and I can never rightly say! 

Was it the Ireland coffee table book filled with amazing pictures I got from a Pastors wife?

Was it the fact that I love faeries and legends and what place is more steeped with those things then Ireland??

Or maybe that they are deeply religious (Catholic and proud of it!) and still see the magic all around them?

The castles?

The cottages?

I most often tell people it was reading the book Scarlet, the sequel to Gone With the Wind. She spends about half the book in Ireland and while I was already fascinated by Ireland this book really jump started the obsession!

Whatever the reason I am wholeheartedly obsessed with the Emerald Isle and will hopefully one day get to experience this magical, fascinating land for myself!

Some of my favorite books on Ireland.....

This is my FAVORITE Irish author I would highly recommend all of her books! (and there are quite a few!)

Favorite Irish movies.....

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Shine of Rainbows

This being St. Patrick's week (What? You didn't think someone as obsessed with Ireland as I am would only celebrate St. Patrick's Day for one day, did you?) I decided to go ahead and watch this movie that had been lingering in my Netflix queue for awhile now! Added mostly because it took place in Ireland and I knew it even if the story was meh the scenery and accents would be worth it! No need to worry here though, the story was incredibly sweet! In addition, the costumes (and accents, but that goes without saying!) were AMAZING, especially Marie's, I loved her layering and use of color! =)

Here is a synopsis of the movie (stolen from Netflix because as my teachers (Mom and otherwise) will tell you, my book reports tended to be longer then the actual books, summarizing is not a strong suit of mine!)
Ostracized 8-year-old orphan Tomás (John Bell) finds his colorless life transformed after spirited Maire (Connie Nielsen) adopts him and instills in him the confidence to make friends -- and magic -- in this inspirational Irish tale of self-discovery. But the boy's hopes for a bright future are in danger of fading when Maire's husband, Alec (Aidan Quinn), has trouble accepting the withdrawn Tomás.

Her knit wear was fabulous and in such wonderful colors!

At first I though this was a skirt, but then when her coat came off I realized it was a dress with an over-skirt? Would love to know! 

Here is another shot of this outfit before her (splendid) coat comes off, see the high-low hem? Love it!

The petticoat just peeking out the bottom is a sure way to make me love on outfit!

The other costumes were just as wonderful!

How could you not love a guy in a fishermen sweater smoking a pipe? I ask you, who could resist? ;-)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Never Say Never

I am a bad one for making I will never type statements and then somewhere along the road having to eat humble pie as I am doing what I said I never ever would do!

For example.....
I will never wear a thumb ring, they are so stupid..... 

I will never cut my hair short again.....

I will never like coffee.....
.....and the list goes on and on, pierced ears, high heels, eating onions, mushrooms, liking to drive ect ect ect!

And most recently.....

I will never watch Courageous.....

Last night I was at a friends house and guess what we watched? I even had a pretty legitimate out if I wanted it, but did I take it? Nope, I did not! 

Things I liked:

These two guys had it pretty together already, and I loved their family dynamics!

It was much funnier then I expected and my favorite part?

And like I've mentioned before, I agreed with the message of the movie and wouldn't have a problem if my husband wanted to sign the Resolution! But, my ORIGINAL REASONS  for not wanting to watch the movie still stand even after reading the book, The Resolution for Women and seeing the movie!

There was only one thing I didn't like and to tell you the truth it really bugged me.....

My biggest problem with the movie is that except for two or three, all of the bad guys were black. Um, what's up with that Sherwood Pictures?!?

It was a really good movie and I would recommend it to anyone, with a cation to those among us who are NOT get unrealistic expectations and try to "help" (aka force, nag, hen peck ect ect ect.....) your husband into watching, acting upon this movie. It just won't turn out good!