Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Shine of Rainbows

This being St. Patrick's week (What? You didn't think someone as obsessed with Ireland as I am would only celebrate St. Patrick's Day for one day, did you?) I decided to go ahead and watch this movie that had been lingering in my Netflix queue for awhile now! Added mostly because it took place in Ireland and I knew it even if the story was meh the scenery and accents would be worth it! No need to worry here though, the story was incredibly sweet! In addition, the costumes (and accents, but that goes without saying!) were AMAZING, especially Marie's, I loved her layering and use of color! =)

Here is a synopsis of the movie (stolen from Netflix because as my teachers (Mom and otherwise) will tell you, my book reports tended to be longer then the actual books, summarizing is not a strong suit of mine!)
Ostracized 8-year-old orphan Tomás (John Bell) finds his colorless life transformed after spirited Maire (Connie Nielsen) adopts him and instills in him the confidence to make friends -- and magic -- in this inspirational Irish tale of self-discovery. But the boy's hopes for a bright future are in danger of fading when Maire's husband, Alec (Aidan Quinn), has trouble accepting the withdrawn Tomás.

Her knit wear was fabulous and in such wonderful colors!

At first I though this was a skirt, but then when her coat came off I realized it was a dress with an over-skirt? Would love to know! 

Here is another shot of this outfit before her (splendid) coat comes off, see the high-low hem? Love it!

The petticoat just peeking out the bottom is a sure way to make me love on outfit!

The other costumes were just as wonderful!

How could you not love a guy in a fishermen sweater smoking a pipe? I ask you, who could resist? ;-)