Thursday, March 29, 2012

Awesome and Awkward


~While the movie Funny Face (with Fred and Audrey) is one of my very favorites (really, you need to go and watch it if you haven't all ready!) I recently made the mistake of watching it in HD on a big screen TV while I was babysitting....let's just say instead if a  May-December romance, it looked more like a May-Waaay past his expiration date romance.....sorry Fred, it's sad, but true! ;-)

~Heeeey, I still haven't gotten paid for that babysitting job....I think I need to text someone about that! ;-)

~Hmm, my life appears to not have been very awkward this week.....oh well! =P


~Pinterest! (Like this one really comes as a surprise!) I've found some good pins this week!
Instead of the full to bursting old envelope I have in my wallet for ticket stubs now. I have some dating back too 2006!

Love drinking out of mason jars on picnics, but the wide open tops are like beacons to the bees of the world, so I am very excited about these! Why yes, it does look like a sippy cup for grownups now that you mention it.....

This is EXACTLY what it felt like for me! I just about killed my self choking on coffee when I read this!