Saturday, June 27, 2015


What?! Two posts in one week? 

Took Becca shopping for her birthday and I was done trying on my pile of things before everyone else (apparently I'm a fast try-er on-er, rather then everyone else being slow.....humph) So I took an outfit photo in the mirror at the end of the hallway. Never tried to get a mirror shot without the camera in front of my face, it's not as easy as I assumed!

I tie dyed the shirt my self last summer at work, wasn't planning on wearing it again, but I actually really liked how it turned out! Hmm, it's blue, black and pink and looks better in person.....

Of course it rained because I wore my maxi skirt, but I also wore an umbrella scarf so there was no hope of it being dry! ;-)

Finally tried Buffalo Wild Wings and it was fabulous, we all got different sauces and shared, Beccas Parmesan garlic were the best!

With laughter and love,

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Year 29....

Something else pretty big happened in these past few months, this girl (or is it old lady now? Hmmm....) turned 29, for the first and only time I might add! ;-)

Age has never been a huge issue for me, (a few age related break downs have happened over the years, but let's say I'm cool with it 95% of the time!) I mean it's only a number right? I still feel as spry as I did when I was a teen and have waaaay less medical problems and complaints about aches and pains then the girls 10 years younger then me at work, and I know I am extremely blessed in this and thank God often for this huge blessing of good health!

I kind of meant to start this on my birthday to document the last year of my 20's and my journey towards.....well.....erm.....*insert whatever touchy feely sentiment you want*..... but alas a stomach bug decided to join me on my birthday this year and so when I wasn't at work trying not to erupt on the kids, I was in bed zoning out in front of my computer!

Now that I suddenly have more free time on my hands I was going to get back into blogging as I've missed it, so drum roll please.....

I am going to attempt this, hopefully a weekly photo challenge will be more easily met then the daily ones I've attempted before! Starting with week 25, mostly so I don't have to try and come up with the seasonal pics off schedule! ;-)

Week 25, subject Summer! One down 51 to go, I got this! =)
My family went to a bluegrass concert at the park and our entire meal was in mason jars, BBQ pork, potato salad, baked beans sundaes, little lemon ice box pies (not pictured) and my Dr. Pepper was in my favorite teacher cup! 

Not to mention those FABULOUS boots, huh, huh? Aren't they purdyful?

With laughter and love,

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Cha, cha, changes..........

Hmm, hey, yep I'm still alive, wasn't arrested or kidnapped and the aliens didn't manage to pick me up this time, but there is always next time.....


You may have noticed that there have been some posts removed. The reason being after spending more time with Miles in his home and seeing how he and his very nice and supportive group of friends and family lived, I realized that there were some basic, but never-the-less important, lifestyle differences and a few ways we see the world differently that would have made a long term healthy relationship impossible. So, I called off the wedding, and ultimately the relationship.

There is nothing wrong with him or his family and friends, there is nothing wrong with me and my family. We should have spent more time around each other in our own environments before getting engaged as it would have led to these conclusions without the sticky awkward, painful mess of canceling a wedding a week before it was supposed to happen.....

A few things I have learned through this experience are long distance relationships are hard, and are going to take longer then your traditional dating relationship, so be patient and make spending real time together with each others family and friends a priority! Online dating is a good tool, but just know, it will most likely lead to a long distance, drawn out courtship process!

If you and your loved ones are constantly fighting about your relationship and you normally don't fight long term about things, you might want to take a good long hard look at what is causing the arguments.

Doubts are normal, but burying them and not talking about them with anyone is not. If you have doubts about something, find someone to talk too besides the person directly involved in the doubts. A pastor, friend, a parent or sibling, just someone who is removed form the drama enough to be a more neutral third party.

Keep God always at the forefront, in all areas of your life. Sadly, I put mine and Miles relationship ahead of my relationship with God and that was my biggest mistake, a good healthy relationship should be leading you closer to God, not distracting you from Him.

 Did I make mistakes, YES! Do I think calling the wedding off was one of them? No! My only regret in calling off the wedding is hurting Miles, he is a good man and I know God has wonderful pans for him.

I have learned a lot this past 7 months or so, and know God is using this experience to grow and make me more like Him. I feel peace and joy returning to my life and am excited to see what God has next for me!

As always, prayers, comments and questions are always welcome! =)