Saturday, June 27, 2015


What?! Two posts in one week? 

Took Becca shopping for her birthday and I was done trying on my pile of things before everyone else (apparently I'm a fast try-er on-er, rather then everyone else being slow.....humph) So I took an outfit photo in the mirror at the end of the hallway. Never tried to get a mirror shot without the camera in front of my face, it's not as easy as I assumed!

I tie dyed the shirt my self last summer at work, wasn't planning on wearing it again, but I actually really liked how it turned out! Hmm, it's blue, black and pink and looks better in person.....

Of course it rained because I wore my maxi skirt, but I also wore an umbrella scarf so there was no hope of it being dry! ;-)

Finally tried Buffalo Wild Wings and it was fabulous, we all got different sauces and shared, Beccas Parmesan garlic were the best!

With laughter and love,