Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Our town had it's first 4th of July parade this year and while it was small, it was still pretty neat!

We had Uncle Sam.....
which also is my picture of the week as the theme was patriotic!

James K. Polk, who lived in our town for a few years when he was collage age!

I love our downtown, and would not mind at all living in a place like this one day!

Mmm, fresh peaches from the farmers market, we also got some cherry lime and spicy caramel popcorn! 10lbs may not seem like much to carry, but the awkward way I had to carry the basket and the 1/2 mile back to the car it I'm pretty sure the basket gained a few pounds.....

My patriotic manicure!

Us kids got to set off some smoke bombs during a break in the rain midafternoon

Colleens first time lighting fireworks!

I told them to stand like cool ninjas.....

Megan, Shawn, Hannah and Lizzie got here around 1pm and I told Hannah to smile and she said, "Aunt TayTay, I make cheeeese!"

Brownie pie with toasted marshmallow icecream, it the perfect summer dessert!

The local fireworks show was still on in spite of the rain and it was a great show!

Hope your 4th of July went well and it was filled with food, friends, family and fun!

With laughter and love,