Saturday, July 18, 2015


This weeks theme is water and I was despairing of what on earth I could take a picture of considering the most exciting water related thing that happened to me this week was the potties in my classroom finally flushing correctly because they took them out and put them back in to put the awesome new floors in my room!!! 

Before old, scratched linoleum....
.....after beautiful wood, well fake wood, but still, it's a vast improvement, makes the classroom feel much more homey and it make me smile every time I look at the floor!

Anywhoodle, back to the reason for this post, my Mom and I were out and about and stopped for an iced coffee in our adorable town square, then we sat right in front of this fountain, and you were all saved from a picture of a tiny toilet flushing! ;-)

With love and laughter,