Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Year 29....

Something else pretty big happened in these past few months, this girl (or is it old lady now? Hmmm....) turned 29, for the first and only time I might add! ;-)

Age has never been a huge issue for me, (a few age related break downs have happened over the years, but let's say I'm cool with it 95% of the time!) I mean it's only a number right? I still feel as spry as I did when I was a teen and have waaaay less medical problems and complaints about aches and pains then the girls 10 years younger then me at work, and I know I am extremely blessed in this and thank God often for this huge blessing of good health!

I kind of meant to start this on my birthday to document the last year of my 20's and my journey towards.....well.....erm.....*insert whatever touchy feely sentiment you want*..... but alas a stomach bug decided to join me on my birthday this year and so when I wasn't at work trying not to erupt on the kids, I was in bed zoning out in front of my computer!

Now that I suddenly have more free time on my hands I was going to get back into blogging as I've missed it, so drum roll please.....

I am going to attempt this, hopefully a weekly photo challenge will be more easily met then the daily ones I've attempted before! Starting with week 25, mostly so I don't have to try and come up with the seasonal pics off schedule! ;-)

Week 25, subject Summer! One down 51 to go, I got this! =)
My family went to a bluegrass concert at the park and our entire meal was in mason jars, BBQ pork, potato salad, baked beans sundaes, little lemon ice box pies (not pictured) and my Dr. Pepper was in my favorite teacher cup! 

Not to mention those FABULOUS boots, huh, huh? Aren't they purdyful?

With laughter and love,