Thursday, June 9, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


~The new blogger layout, are me and my sis the only ones who don't like it?

~The fact that I had banana yogurt and strawberry milk for lunch, the awkward part? I'm trying to convince myself that that totally counts as two servings of fruit.....and I've almost done it! ;-)

~I got gas (car gas, just to clarify) on the way to work this morning and the usual cute gas guy comes out (that's so not the reason I go to the slightly out of the way station....okay it might be ONE of the reasons.....*shame*) Ahem, anywhoodle.....I'm covertly watching cute gas guy out of the corner of my eye when he start waving the window squeegee towards the station and yells, "See, I'm doing it!" I've never seen him wash anyones windows, apparently he's supposed too.

Then as he's leaning over my car, on the drivers side, his walkie talkie squawks REALLY loud and since it's practically in my open window it startles both of us. He slaps at it but then when he's almost done, the walkie talkie squawks again and a laughing voice says, "You sure look sexy washing that window!"

I smile and snort (I'm super sexy too, don't you know!), while cute gas guy rips the walkie talkie off of his belt and mumbles something along the lines of-I'm going to kill you later-into the walkie talkie.....he very quickly finished washing my window and takes my money. Poor cute gas guy! =)

~While we are speaking of my shameful gas getting practices, I may be one of those awful and unprepared people who wait until it's on E to fill my tank.....I've only ever had to drive with the gas light on that's not including the times my negligence has made my poor Mom drive with it on....she's just lucky I guess! Sorry Mom, I'll try to do better!

~The fact that mine and my sisters laptop got the same virus and while it didn't destroy ANY of her files it totally ate all of mine. So, the person who still had all of her files on our desk top and could replace them with ease, didn't get any of her files eaten.While the person who's files were just on her laptop, loses them all. One of my FB friends said it the best, BULLOCKS!!!!

(On a side note, I will begin posting more regularly and with pictures as soon as I can, sorry about the lack of posting!)


~I did manage to save the book I wrote for NaNoWriMo last year, a few skits and a Christmas play that I wrote because I'm e~mailed for one reason or another, so hotmail had them on a sky drive. YEAH! Now, I just need to rewrite 2 books, half of another one and countless other book beginnings, skits and little jots....wait this is supposed to be the awesome section, oops! *blush*

~Mmmm, strawberry milk....yum!!!

~Oh yes, I soo did! I found it for $85!

And can I just say it's AMAZING! It even smells good, like leather and sunshine! =)

~This years VBS skits. Not only do I get to be in them, but I also got to rewrite them! I love using my writing and acting like fool up on stage abilities for God! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that I CAN use what I think of as rather insignificant and useless talents for Him!