Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beiber Fever?

I may not listen to his music, but I am a fan of his nail polish for OPI/Nicole, sold at Wal-Mart! OMB! Is the perfect shade of red and I also picked up a creamy minty/blue-y color that I saw on various fashion bloggers and loved! For $7 I hoped that it would stay un-chipped for at least a few days, but the red chipped in just over 24 hours, dishes and hair washing are the death of manicures I'm telling you! Though I have found that the colors with shimmer/glitter in them chip faster, maybe it's because the edges are rough? Or maybe I'm just looking for excuses.....

The color is My Lifesaver
 I am a notoriously bad nail painter, I get it all over my cuticles and nail beds, but I found that if I paint my nails the night before I can pick off most of the mess after my shower the next morning! I also need to push back my cuticles, but it scares me, so I never do! Yes, my nails are really short, but they don't chip as fast that way, so it's a good thing, right?.....look Ma more excuses! Speaking of Ma, I know my Ma is cringing right now, she likes the more found in nature shades, colors in the pinkish and redish- family, not blues, greys and greens!

This last picture is included so you can gape in awe and wonder at my amazingly short thumb and pinkie! I didn't realize how much shorter they were until I was taking these pictures! Though maybe the fact that I have to buy mittens and gloves in the kids department so I won't have the dreaded finger tip flaps should have given me a clue.... ;-)