Thursday, March 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesome St. Patty's Day!


~The fact I grabbed a banana and a banana cream pie yogurt for lunch, that's a lot of banana....speaking of awkward the word banana is really awkward to type!

~Never having tried Thera Flu and being enticed into it by the commercials with the cute but tough ( you know the type that makes you just want to take care of them) guys sighing happily over their mugs of steaming tea..... A few seconds later they're all geared up to go tackle their grueling outside jobs with big smiles on their five o'clock shadowed faces.....I took a big swig and just about gagged! It is like cough drops and cough syrup had a thick-mentholated-evil-little-comfort-promising baby!

~Chugging said mutant baby of cold medicines and feeling nauseous, I guess I am distracted from my stuffy nose and sore throat now.....

~The tattoo on the woman who was sitting in front of me at the pool, it was a pony surrounded by flowers, the picture of goodness and innocence right?.....Wrong! It was giving me the stink eye the whole 45 minutes of swim lessons.....we had a glare off.....I'm pretty sure he won.....


~You know those mini doughnut pans? The ones I thought were hyped up and in the words of Alton Brown, a useless uni-tasker? Yeah, turns out they're pretty awesome! Mom? We need to try ours, okay?=)

~Jumpin' Jade nail polish by Sally Hansen, it's the perfect dark sparkly teal and what is currently on my fingers!

~Finally finding the perfect outfit in which to mix stripes and at the end of the post!

~The fact I have a St. Patrick's day party to go to tonight, I love this holiday, everyone gets to be Irish on St. Patrick's Day!

~The Butterfly Circus, I dare you to watch it and not tear up at least a little! I love the ring master and am I the only one who thinks Nick Vujicic is pretty darn cute? ;-)

The Butterfly Circus 2009 by xavi10m

~What I Wore~

Green Shirt~ Faded Glory via was part of a lot, so maybe it cost a $1?
Floral Shirt~ Jc Penny $7.80
Jeans~ Lane Bryant via eBay $15
Boots~Wal-Mart $17
Necklace~Made by me

 I've been wanting to mix stripes and florals, but couldn't find an outfit I liked with the options I had. I was inspired when I got this green shirt a few weeks ago, I love how it looks! =)

 I got this and 3 other lovely crocheted flowers (it actually has a pin back on it, I just pinned it to the headband!) from the woman I got the pay it forward idea from! Thanks Lori!!

A little surprise a leprechaun (aka Mom!) had left for me. I've been wanting one for awhile and this one is sooo cute! Maybe it will even help me cut down on my Starbucks habit..... ;-)