Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No, I do not Think Climbing South Sister Sounds Fun!!

I have always thought of myself as an outdoorsy person, but when I say this and shudder at the mention of climbing mountains, flinging myself down snowy mountains, dragging myself up sheer cliffs with nothing but a rope and my fingers and toes, swimming long ways across lakes (with only God knows what touching me) and daring to ride the rapids in a blowup raft, the others who classify themselves as outdoorsy appear confused and shake their heads at this pretend "lover" of the outdoors and leave me to my supposed life of indoor seclusion.

The definition of outdoorsy is liking to do outdoor activities, so just because mine don't look like this.....

And do look more like this.....

(More about this lovely piece of heaven a little later in the post!)
This is my sister, hi Megan!

Obviously not me and my older sister, but it does BEAR a striking resemblance to how we used play together!

.....does not make me a non outdoors loving person! I love being outside and doing outdoor activities, just not in a-let's risk life and limb and push ourselves to the limit's-sort of way. So, I still have no idea what to classify myself as....maybe casual outdoorsy?

Anyway, now I know your all wondering the reason behind this post, it has everything to do with that first picture I showed you of my kind of outdoor activities. I was watching Samantha Browns show on the English country side(once again, if you don't know who Samantha Brown is look her up, she's my favorite travel show host ever!) and she walked along the Cotswold Way. She only went along a few miles, but mentioned that it was about 100 miles long and it meandered through the countryside and private estates, villages and towns. And that there were walking tours available....

This peaked my interest, what was a walking tour? So, I looked it up and lo and behold, the perfect way to see the English countryside was laid out before me on the computer screen. The tour company books you a room at your starting point and then you walk until you reach your next stop for the night, at another B&B or inn.

You can book anywhere from a 5-14 day tour, the 10 or 11 range seems like a good one to me, about 10 miles a day, leaving lots of time to explore and meander and the best part? They will transfer your luggage from inn to inn for you, so you are not left with just what you can carry on your back for 11 days, cool huh? For someone who likes camping but knows she smells like a wart hog after not showering for a few days and likes fresh clothes this is perfect!

The company's I have looked up all offer walking tours in other European country's as well, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Here are a few links to some of the places I have found offering what looks like the most perfect way to see the European country side!

This last ones my favorite!

Ps. Dear future husband, this would make the PERFECT honeymoon!