Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm in the Hand Basket Now!!

I KatySue Pillsbury am going to Hell in a hand basket! Yep, you heard me right and I'm headin' there fast! I did something last night that I am not proud of, nope not proud of at all. Yet at the same time I feel strangely liberated.................hmmm, not a good sign, not a good sign at all!

Sunday night is normally when our collage group meets, but our church was having a First Family Night, so we attend that in stead. I'd gone early to help set up and it was odd being the only person in the church, but once again very freeing. Hopefully the security cameras(if they have any!) where turned off! But, I digress......................

Our church has a habit of at things like this honoring people by giving them "awards". Certificates or plaques, things like that. Well, Mark S. got up and started saying that this person was involved in everything in the church and that you could always find her in the kitchen and helping out with the connect team and you could always find him with his camera taking pictures at events etc etc etc and so on and so forth. Well, at that point it wasn't to hard to figure out who they where talking about. Jordan B. and I nudged each other and giggled as my parents also realized who they were talking about!

I settled back in my chair to enjoy not having to go up and receive said award. I hate stuff like that! I live in holy terror of having to accept thanks for my volunteer work, I have no idea why but I really do! AWAWA has a whole night dedicated to it, and I always beg to stay home.

I assumed I was safe because they wouldn't honor my parents and then pick on me, so as Shawna M. got up to talk I felt rather safe in my little green chair. I kicked my shoes off and settled in to listen. "This person helps out in kids town and can be found getting supplies ready every week for you all to use in Sunday school"............wait what? Oh, no she's talking about Kelli M. she sets up for the 9am hour, it couldn't be me. "This person also helps out twice a month in the nursery................" I really sat up and took notice at this, no there are a couple other people who this description could fit, right? I was sitting there getting more and more nervous, then she continued,"She helps out in both mine and my husbands ministries, she's always there for last minute skits for Sunday morning........."

That's when I did it! I couldn't help it! It just slipped out, I turned to Jordan with a look of mingled terror and woe and said, "Holy Crap! It's me!" I whipped my head around and stood as Shawna finally announced my name and walked up that oh so very long isle in my bare feet to accept the certificate. Face aflame with embarrassment and horror at what had just occurred!

So, there you have. My sad, sad story. I cursed loud enough for somebody else to hear in church while a service was going on! While it may not seem so bad to you, it still sets my face to burning at the recollection. Not that it doesn't make for a funny story, especially if you know me at all! I've always wanted to do that, curse out loud in public, I'd always imagined it being in righteous indignation though...................oh well the death of yet another fantasy!=)