Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Honeymoon

My big sis is having a great time getting married again on her honeymoon to New York. No really, she's getting the whole shebang again only this time it's bigger and cost about 3 times as much! Flower girls, a preacher, brides maids, groomsmen, cake, dancing.........another entire wedding. The family in New York didn't want to fly to the west coast so they just decided to just have themselves another wedding over there! Most people think it's a little odd(myself included!) but hey at least she gets to wear the dress again, right?

They are staying in a nice B&B far away from his family(hehe) and are going to tour the surrounding country side. I have just four words for you, EAST COAST IN FALL!!! Megan always wanted to go somewhere nice for her honeymoon, I think New York in the fall counts, don't you?

Of coarse it's got the rest of her family and friends talking about where they want to go, or have been on their respective honeymoonings! Hawaii of coarse is a big one, tropical cruises, Alaskan cruises, New York, Paris, Italy, the Provence region of France. As for me? Well whenever I mention my idea everybody looks at me funny, wrinkles up their noses, cocks their heads to one side going ,"whaaaaaaat???" and then shrug their shoulders. I don't think it's that odd of an idea!

I've always wanted to take a camping road trip down Highway 101 and end up at Disneyland. Now is that so weird? Picture this........................a drive(preferably not me driving of coarse!) down one of the worlds most beautiful highways listening to some awesome tunes on the radio, talking to your one and only about everything and anything, stopping to take in the sites along the way, taking memory card after memory card of beautiful pictures. Stopping at a new spot each night walking on the beach at sun set and sunrise then tossing your tent in the back of the car not a care in the world. And where do you end up? At the happiest place on earth of coarse! I love Disneyland and would love to go again.

I don't care if it's weird to want to camp and go to a place swarming with kids on my honeymoon! You can just look at me funny, wrinkle your nose, cock your head to the side and go, "waaaaaat?" Then shrug your shoulders as I drive away for a week or more of perfect bliss!=)