Friday, October 23, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Whenever I was asked the question what's your favorite season I always had a devil of a time choosing. Spring, no wait, fall, hmm no winter, no, no summer yeah summer! No, wait maybe.............. I could never decide! After years of thinking about it I've finally discovered and settled on my answer for the question. It's a good answer too and you want to know what? Ever since I've come up with that answer about 2 years ago, not one person has asked me what my favorite season is! I've told people but not because they've asked!!

So, I'm going to pretend that somewhere out there is someone just waiting to hear. So, here is my answer! Drum roll please.....................

The holiday season! Now before you start assuming Thanksgiving and Christmas, I also include the end of Summer through New Years. That is the season of holidays. The end of summer, Labor day, the start of school(though that isn't a celebration for some!) First Day of Fall, Harvest, Halloween (for people who celebrate it) then of coarse Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. It seems like after the New Year the activity winds down until summer then it's of course summer is the time for chillin'!

Then when the end of summer hits the hustle and bustle begins. The sky is never as beautiful as it is in fall and the leaves! The colors, the smell, the sound as you walk through them and of course the big piles of them to jump into! I love getting ready for things, the preparation for a party is my favorite part! Yes, the event is fun , though I'm a bit of a hermit, I would rather just be with no more then 3 or 4 people. But, it's just not as much fun to plan small things.

So the busyness that begins with the ushering in of School and fall is right up my alley. I would much rather be doing something then not doing anything! Then of course there is the traditional holiday season. No explanation is needed as to why this is included in my favorite season!

Like a famous red head I love to fly up on the wings of anticipation, the wonderful flight almost pays for the thud when you have to come back down to earth! I am an anticipater, for good and bad things. I'm pretty sure that's why I hate needles and balloons the anticipation of the poke or pop is almost more then I can stand!! But, on the same token it makes the holidays so much better! I love to savor the anticipation of the whole season.

Wishing your life away in I can't waits is not good and I used to be a horrible one for that. As soon as one thing was over I was on to the next. But, over the years I've learned that waiting can be way more fun then the actual event! I am flying high right now in the glorious anticipation of this, my most favorite time of year. I invite you to join me up here on the wings of fancy, the memories you make while up here will never leave you. And if you aim just right the thud will land you right in a ginormous pile of leaves!=)