Monday, October 5, 2009

It's All Over

Whew! It's all over, the months of planning and fighting and making and setting up and calling and decorating and cooking all culminated on the date of October 3. We put hours of work into the wedding and it was all over in about 4 hours. It was lots and lots of hard work but it was really, really fun. I love planning things like this, me and a couple other girls were talking about going into the wedding biz. Sounds like lots of fun, but dealing with Bridezillas for a was enough for me thank you!(hehe)

Megan's room is now empty, the movers having left about an hour ago, it only took them 7 hours to pack up that one room. I'm not sure I would want that company coming in and doing my whole house! They did an excellent job though, they wrapped everything in paper and put it in packing crates and strapped it down really well into the truck.

She is on her way to Portland and I will not see her until at the earliest Christmas. I will miss my older sister, the one I cold talk to and know she would keep my secret. The older sister who would tell me things in return and share her life with me. I will miss the older sister who didn't make fun of me for the things I liked and put up with my few(well maybe more then few....)eccentric habits. I will miss the older sister who would treat me at home like she would when people were around.

This older sister has not always been around, but I will miss her anyways good and bad times. I can't help it, she's my sister no matter how she's treated me or what she's done to me I have to and will always love her and forgive her no mater what she's done. It will be a big change not having her around, she belongs to somebody else now. But considering how annoyed she was with me most of the time maybe that's a good thing!=)

For anyone readin this who is intersted here is a link to some of the wedding pics!