Thursday, October 22, 2009

Irrational Fears

I seem to have more then my share fair of fears that are a little less then irrational! Why am I afraid of these things? Nobody knows, but it makes me the unique and crazy person that I am!

Bees, why I am so afraid of bees, I'll never know! But whenever I hear one I go runnin'!

Needles, and the doctors that hold them! I am sighing in relief right now because my flu shot has been put off until next week!

For that matter, about the only doctor I'm not nervous to go to is the eye doctor!

I was very afraid of driving, not so much anymore, in fact it's growing on me rather quickly! I find it rather enjoyable now. Though backing up still rattles the nerves a bit.

Talking on the phone, well I guess the real fear isn't the talking it's the calling. I'll talk if you call, I'll sound like a dork, but I don't mind talking on the phone. It's the unknown of calling people that terrifies me!

Having the guy I'm "attached" to meet my sister(older or next youngest) and fall for her. Like in that movie "The Family Stone". This one has actually happened though, my crush liking my sister. So, maybe it's not that irrational after all!=)

Teeth grinding, I loathe this noise! I hate it when I inadvertently do it!

Loud noises, mainly popping balloons. I hate the balloon popping games at AWANA. I always feel like crawling into the corner with my hands over my ears when the game leader announces those games!

There are some of my irrational fears. Some no matter how much I work at them seem to never get better, others like the driving have gotten worlds better. So, I guess the moral of this story is, always be willing to confront your fears you may find that their not so insurmountable when you see them in the light of day!=)