Tuesday, November 20, 2012


That my friends is how many miles we drove to get from Bend, OR, to Colorado Springs, CO to visit my sister, then to our final destination, Columbia TN! 

Let me tell you, it was a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG week of driving, especially for those of us who, even after taking ginger pills for carsickness (they really work!) can't read or do anything else in the car but sit there.....and sit there.....and sit there.....me and my little brother (the other carsick one among us) were pretty bored for most of the time!

But, we got a few books on CD, some from the library and one from Audible. I snagged it using a free download through Hulu Plus. I got Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke, read by Brendan Farser. The book and the performance were excellent, I highly recommend all of Cornelia's books and any of the audio versions of them read by Brendan!

~Day one~
States driven through, Oregon and Idaho.  

 Tilly, in our empty living room the morning we left.....

 One last picture of the ol' homestead as we all climb into the car.....

First day of driving was a little lacking in scenery, it was like this for, oh I don't know, about 6 hours.....

I was going to have my parents stop at each, you are now entering this state, type signs, but as we were traveling on interstates most of the way, we mostly just got to wave at them as they flew by!

 Idaho was very flat

For this, grew up within sight of a mountain range girl it was odd and fascinating not to see anything on the horizon.....

~Day Two~
States driven through, Idaho, Utah and Wyoming.

The Rockies!!!

Ahh, wind farms! Made me think of driving to my Grandparents, we always passed some in Southern CA on the way to visit them.....

~Day Three~
States driven through, Wyoming and Colorado!

Yeah, almost to Megan's house!

Downtown Denver, let me say, I'm so happy I was not the one driving while we went through Denver! Now only were were in a big older car, but we were pulling a little one behind us! Sure, hop over 3 lanes of busy 75mle an hour traffic, no big deal!

Some scenery  between Denver and Colorado Springs!

And that was the first three days of our trip, stayed tuned for part two!