Monday, November 26, 2012

2411.79~Part Two!

We stopped for about a day and a half in Colorado Springs to visit my sister and her family! A much needed break from the endless driving!

~Rest of day 3 and 4~
States visited, Colorado!

My super adorable niece and her crazy uncle.... 

My sisters husband is in the military, so we got a tour of Fort Carson. I was surprised that all the tanks were tan, until I remembered where they are using them right now and realized green might not be the best camouflage color.....

Scary helicopter.....

Look, they match! And are being photo-bombed.....

 The Garden of the Gods is NOT in Utah like previously assumed, so we went to see that too!

They called this formation the kissing camels, I can totally see it!

It was dusk, so not the best light to capture the amazing color of the rocks, but this picture caught the last of the sunset!

The photo ninja, she sneaks up behind unsuspecting prey and snaps a picture before they ever realize whats going on....except your camera decides to take forever to focus so you are left hanging there for oh, about 15 seconds.....

I wish I could have captured the color and scope of the Garden better, but you'll just have to go and see it for yourselves some day!

Climbing guy made a good photo op!

Another picture where the color of the rock shows up better!

Is or isn't this the perfect beginning of an adventure story!?

Neat, right? =)

This is the other side of climbing guy!

Then we ate here!! I finally got my honey chipotle chicken and might I say it was delicious!

My brother in law painted this tree in Buggy's nursery, isn't it fantastic?

~Days 5 and 6~ 
Sates visited, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and Tennessee!!!!!

Crossing the Mississippi, never quite believed I'd do this!

 The fall color was still pretty amazing when we got here in the 70 degree heat!

Rolling, treed farmland, I can deal with that, beautiful isn't it?

 Home sweet home!

Our town visitor center, how cool is that bell tower?


City Hall in town square!

It was a long, long week, but well worth it to be all together as a family again. =)

It's been tiring, but fun to unpack and find new places to put everything.....Now that I think on it.....maybe more tiring then fun for the most part..... ;-)

The house and town are proving to be pretty fantastic and hopefully a job opportunity will fall into place (fingers crossed and prayed prayed please!)