Tuesday, November 6, 2012

*~Starbucks Tuesday~*

If you are ever traveling along I-84 through Idaho, Utah and Wyoming be forewarned, there is an EXTREME lack of Starbucks! Lots of billboards for this place though.....
.....and what can I say, advertising works on me and now I REALLY want to stay there!

Anywhoodle, we finally found a Starbucks in a Laramie, Wyoming Albertson's and got Cheggs. What is a Chegg you might be asking  Well, it's the most best-est, yummiest, tastiest, diet killing drink EVER! 
Such happy faces!!

If you want to try this fantastic beverage for yourself, just order an iced chai eggnog latte, we prefer them iced, but you can get them hot as well! 

Fare thee well,  my fellow Starbucks fans! I'll see you again in December..... 
Wait.....gah, is it REALLY December next month????? =P