Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dear Bend,

     I was a wee lass of 9 and you had only three stop lights when we first met!

My family was living in Big Bear California (Yes, people do live there, they just don't go there to ski!). We sold our car to someone who happened to give us a Bend paper from the ONE DAY a local company ran an add looking for computer programmers. Next thing you know, here we are!

I went from being 9 year old, scabby kneed, public schooled, Catholic tomboy, to being a 26 year old, still accident prone (though not as scabby), home schooled, doesn't care what denomination as long as they have the right core beliefs, sparkle loving young woman!

You went from being a mill town, in the weird hippy northwest, to being a must see, nationally known vacation spot, still with the hippy northwest vibe, only it's cool now! ;-)

I've had some unforgettable moments, both good and bad! From paper routes, first jobs, driving tests, broken hearts, friendships made and broken, amazing scenery, huckleberries, three more fantastic siblings and the dreaded teenage years, you've been with me through it all!

We grew up together you and I, and there is no way I could repay you for the woman you've helped me to become.

Thank you and fare thee well,
KatySue Pillsbury