Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Movies in the Park

What do you do when the movies in the park selection is blah? Or, you live in a town that doesn't have this particular activity?

You can sigh and hope next years movie selections don't have ones you've seen recently or that make you lose IQ points just thinking about them?.....

You can cross you fingers that next year some local business (or you could win the lottery) will buy a giant inflatable screen and start showing movies.....


.....you can pack up the car and set up your own movie night at the park of your choosing!

The screen may be a wee bit smaller, but it's much less crowded, your chairs can be any height you want, no worries about blocking the people behind you and you can choose whatever movie you want!

After doing this for most of the Fridays in August and September, I finally remembered to take pics at the last one!

We ate home made BBQ chicken pizza and watched part the 10th Kingdom.

WHAT?! You've never heard of the 10th Kingdom?

It's a miniseries that was on TV in 2000. I found it on Netlfix a few years ago and fell in love. It's a quirky, hilarious, romantic and magical. The trolls and Wolfie (he is the BEST character)  are a hoot and it's become one of my favorite movies!

I leave the decision of appropriateness of it for everyone to make for their own families. I definitely think it's okay for teens and older, but for younger kids an adult previewing it might not be a bad idea as there is some fantasy violence and innuendos.

I was trying to convince a friend of the awesomeness of it when we where at a local tea house and the guy behind the counter came slinking over and said he couldn't help over hearing, but he loved the movie and wasn't it amazing? He'd never met anyone else who had seen it and was glad to find another fan, so we compared favorite parts and my friend promised to check it out!

So, you don't need to take my word for it, tea guy thinks it's awesome too, and anyone who works at a tea  shop is automatically cool, right? ;-)