Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wardrobe Department

What I wore for a do nothing stay at home type of day! I dropped my parents off at the airport early this morning (VERY early), they're headed to TN to look for houses, yeah! Pray that they find a good one! =)

 I didn't feel like answering the round of when are you moving, where are your parents, are you moving too,  etc etc etc, type questions, so we might have played hooky from church..... 

Oh, and I just might have gone out to get Starbucks for my 19 year sister and me.....but other then that it's been a lazy, stay at home reading, watching the third installment of the 10th Kingdom, talk with a friend who came over for a few hours, type of day!

It was a much needed relaxing day before the upcoming, fully loaded week!

Who says you can't be lazy and cute? ;-)
Shirt: JcPenny, Skirt: Coldwater Creek via eBay, shortened by me

Hair flower: Blog Swap, Shoes: Target via eBay, Earrings: Shop-Ko

Linking my outfit up here! While I didn't exactly go to church today, I have worn this outfit to church before! ;-)