Friday, September 14, 2012

In Defense of Darcy

Ahh, Fitzwilliam Darcy, how many girls have idolized him over the years, holding him up to be the perfect man, and while I can't agree with that, I ALSO don't agree with the Darcy bashing that has been going around the blog world lately!

Yes, he's prideful, vain, unfriendly, judgmental, holds grudges and an often over looked fault, he is extremely shy and socially awkward. A "fault" I can definitely identify with!! 

But, he is also a faithful friend, is wiling to change his mind when he is wrong, kind to those beneath him, takes care of those he loves and upon further acquaintance becomes much more personable! If he was truly  a bad person, Bingley, Georgina and his household staff wouldn't like/love him the way they do!

So, while  he is a flawed man, he is also a good one, so while he may not be your cup of tea, I don't think he deserves the scorn and put downs I've seen about him lately!

*she now steps down off her soap box and shoves it behind her grinning sheepishly*

Now, on to the fun portion of this post!

I've seen three versions and while I have liked them all, I definitely have rated them in my mind!

 I liked this version well enough, but they cut a lot and while I know this was necessary to make a 2 hour movie, it annoys this bibliophile non the less! And Darcys hair kind of bugs me, it's a little Beiber-esque for me!

This version stays closest to the book, and was my favorite until I saw Lost in Austen.....but more on that in a moment. Colin Firth did an excellent job of capturing the pride and the social awkwardness that is Darcy, and I LOVE Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth! I am tickled pink that I test out as her on, Which Austen Heroine are You, personality quizzes!

A note of caution about this one, it is modern and British, so is a little off color at points, but I have to admit, that's one of the charms about it, the modern clashing with the old fashioned! You get to see another side of Wickam, which is nice and it totally fulfills my fangirl dreams of escaping into my favorite stories!

This is one of my favorite parts and illustrates the clashing of worlds I was talking about perfectly!