Thursday, September 20, 2012


Saw it.....loved it.....pinned it.....

.....wore it!!!

Well, okay, almost wore it! I got pretty darn close! I couldn't belt it as the skirt, since it fits around my hips, had to much extra to bunch up under a belt to wear it around my waist with a shirt tucked in!  
Shirt and Cami: JcPenny, Skirt: Made by me 

See how I cleverly replaced the sunglasses with a  necklace? ;-)
Shoes: Target, Earrings: Made my me, Bracelet: Shop-Ko, Necklace: Kohl's

 The moral of the story? Hair today goon tomorrow....wait, oops, sorry, wrong moral!.....

Ahem, the real moral is, don't let not having the exact pieces in a pinned outfit stop you from being trying to recreate it with what you have in your closet! 

Said the obsessive about about not having the EXACT pieces to recreate an outfit pot, who is knowingly calling the kettle black, but is trying to reform and not have to have everything perfect and matching the original..... 

How about you? Have you tried out a favorite pin?