Saturday, October 20, 2012

Awkward and Awesome~Special Edition!

I present to you Awesome and Awkward, the both sides of the coin addition, for those times when I just can't decide!

Awesome.....A new skirt to wear to church!!
Awkward.....Having said skirt in mending pile for over  a month and the only reason it got finished late at night was because I wanted to wear it to church, otherwise it would still be waiting in the dreaded mending pile!!

Awesome.....Christmas music in October!!!
Awkward.....Getting yelled at and beat up by all of your siblings to turn it off! =(

Awesome.....Finally getting your book shelves packed!
Awkward.....Realizing you have nothing to read except the book you kept out to read on the trip!

Awesome.....Rocking out to Call Me Maybe, Taylor the Latte Boy, Pontoon ect ect ect in your car!
Awkward.....Being caught chair dancing and steering wheel drumming by the people in the car next to you at the stop light!

Awesome.....Hay rides in your new, perfect for fall skirt!
Awkward.....If you've ever been on a hayride in a skirt you might already have guessed why this one is awkward.....if not, think about it! ;-)

Awesome.....The band size I normally get for my bra feeling as loose when it's new, as when it needs replacing! Yeah, some tangible evidence of weight loss!
Awkward.....Knowing that this means having to find another affordable bra that comes in my new, even harder to find then my previous band/cup, size combo!

Awesome.....Feeling like brownies and having the perfect fast recipe!
Awkward.....Trying to lose weight, while loving to cook and bake.....

Awesome.....Trying on the PERFECT little black dress while shopping, just on a whim.....
Awkward.....Putting it back because money is tight and you have no place to wear a dress like that anyway! *le sigh*
See? Isn't it purttyful? 

How about all y'all, do you have anything in your life that is both awesome and awkward? If so, I'd love to hear about them! ;-)