Thursday, October 11, 2012

Awkward and Awesome


~My new skinny jeans from Old Navy, loved how they looked, but not how they tended to sag and create unsightly wrinkles right under my backside..... so, I spent most of the afternoon hitching my pants back up! I'm hoping washing will tighten and shrink them back up a wee bit!  

~Not running for a week, because you wake up at the time you normally run and it's PITCH black and almost freezing outside, so you snuggle back down and promise you'll run later in the day..... yeah, like that's going to happen!

~My oh, so very helpful virus protection company automatically taking $80 out of my account a MONTH  early for my own good, so I will never be without protection....erm, couldn't they have taken it out 24 hours before it lapsed and done that?

~You don't realize how much stuff your family really has until you only have three already busy weeks in which to pack it all up!


~WE HAVE A HOUSE!!! Not only do we have a house, we have a house that is within walking distance of the town square, the collage, the library, 5-10 churches and the hospital.....though upon further reflection, if we need the hospital walking will not be the mode of transport we choose to get there!.....

The moving truck is set to come on November 2, so yes, we only have three weeks and some change to pack up our house! Oh, and did I mention my Mom and I are both working until the last possible day? This should prove to be a rather interesting three weeks.....

~Once Upon a Time has started up again and so far it hasn't disappointed! Belle and Mr.Gold have gotten screen time (Of course I'm loving every second of it!) and you find out more about why Regina is like she is, the Enchanted forest still exists, Regina can't do magic, wait yes she can!!! But it has left us with some questions.....

Who is Dr. Whale? (The good ol' internet is surprisingly void of good theories on this one!)

How will Mary Margret and Emma get back to the "real world"?

What happened to August? 

Who was the man who got the note at the beginning of episode 2? (I'm going with Balefire myself)

And last but not least, does Rumpelstiltskin's voice sound less creepy/more normal to anyone else this season?

~This hot chocolate! 

If I can make it a little more chocolaty I just may have found the perfect hot cocoa! Thick and creamy, but not tounge coating and smooth even when it's cooled down. As my exasperated family will tell you, I am PICKY when it comes to hot cocoa and this was pretty excellent. I added a small bit or cornstarch as a thickener and a dash of chili powder for some spice, sounds weird, but trust me, it works! =)