Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Outfits and nails and braids....oh my!

This is a random post of a few things I've been wearing, my new favorite nail polish color and to show off my awesome herringbone braid skillz (yes, with a z that makes it sounds sooo much cooler....)

The little girl I nanny asked me to braid her hair and while I can french braid my hair, I can't seem to do it on others!! So, I did this!

I wore this a few days ago, it was almost warm that day!
 Cardigan: Jessica London $20?
Button Down: Jc Penny $7
Skirt: made by me 3-4 years ago
Cowboy boots: Wal-Mart $17

This is the awkwardness that happens when you add props and poses beyond the hands on the waist pose!

I love this color! It looked much darker in the bottle, but I love how it looks on my nails. It has purple iridescent sparkles in it and it lasts at least 3 days before chipping. The best part? It was only $2 a bottle! The brand is Ice and I bought it Wal-Mart!

No, I did not forget wear the camera was.....
 Shirt: Shop-Ko $8
Skirt: Coldwater Creek via eBay $10
Boots: Naturalizer $140....still hate typing that!

Oh, hi! I'm just randomly twirling, I had no idea the camera was on!

This is what happens when you randomly twirl irresponsibly.....remember it's a privilege not a right, use random twirling responsibly and never over do it!