Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

Easter was the usual affair, getting up way to early, because for some reason you once again agreed to be in a skit and that means both going to both services and a call time of 8:15am!

You sit around waiting for the music pastor to be done rehearsing with the choir so you can rehearse the skit for only the third time as people are getting there because the choir practice ran long (as usual!). Then you rush through the skit, bearing the looks on the faces of the people who have shown up early, who all have annoyed looks on their faces faces even though they are getting a free preview performance!

Then as you rush around putting props in their proper places and getting miced (try finding a spot to put a wireless mic pack on a stretchy dress with no pockets.....)  you really wonder if it's worth it. You finally get a chance to sit down and sit through the announcements not really paying attention because you know you are going to hear it all again in an hour anyway, then you look up at the screen and see an outline of three crosses.....

You gaze upon the screen and are reminded of what your Savior did for you and what this holiday is really about, you smile and are filled with joy and thankfulness. Yes, you think, if all of this brings at least  one more person to know the joy and peace you feel right now it's worth any amount of early call times and rushing around! =)

 Dress- North Style via eBay
Necklace- Premiere Designs jewelry

 Aren't they adorable? My Mom made the dresses and we got my little brothers suit at Wal-Mart!

 The Easter Bunny brought these really cool colored bubbles! Hopefully they are washable.....

 The center piece for our Easter table.....yes, I am that classy! What can I say? I love how it looks! ;-)