Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Okay Guys....This Ones for Ladies Only!!

How to say this delicately? For starters, if there are any guys reading, this in no way shape for form will ever apply to you, so good bye until next time! 
Now that the audience in no longer one of mixed company.....I know we all have them and some of us more then's something most everybody I know wants more of, and I would gladly give away some of mine..... What on earth am I talking about?

The top half of an hour glass figure, the "girls", bosom, chest, in others words if you are overly gifted  in the boob department this post is for you! I have been blessed with size 34 H chest and boy has it been fun trying find clothes that fit and are modest.....or maybe it hasn't been so fun. Even trying to find a proper fitting bra has been a long and still ongoing ordeal.

But through many embarrassing experiences, including trying on bras at Victoria Secrets.....and having the maybe an A cup sales girl asking if everything was alright and if we needed any help, as my Mom and I were were dying of laughter at the sight of me with cleavage literally up to my chin, note to self I do NOT need a push up bra! Most of our bra fitting adventures turned into boughts of hysterical laughter, it was either that or tears! So, I turned to the internet and have found some affordable and some not so affordable solutions!

I was incredibly happy when Playtex offered their 18 hour bra in 38 G, a few band sizes to big and a few cup sizes too small, but they work! Plus, you cannot beat the quarterly sale price of $12.99 apiece! But being slightly off size and a little sad they are so uncute(what can I say, I love pretty undergarments!!) the search continues for affordable and cute bras in larger sizes!

Bravissimo is a UK company the specializes in bigger sizes, but they are in the UK, meaning Euros and the dollar is worth so much less then the Euro when changed to American dollars, what seemed like decent prices at first shot up to over $50 a bra and quickly becomes far to expensive. I did try one of theirs, but it broke within the first couple weeks and I didn't want to have to hassle (or spend the sky high over seas shipping costs!) with sending it back! They have adorable stuff, but unless it's for a very special occasion or something I do not think I will be sending my money over the pond anytime soon!

I've found a few other sights, but most of them are in the UK, do they have larger boobs on average over there or something? Or the American sites I'm still paying $35-80 a bra, and you should at least have two at a time and replace them every season, um hello? I do NOT have that kind of money! Here are a few of the sites I've found.....

I recently found this site, Simply Be and not only do they offer bigger sizes, but they have some very decently priced options and they are US based! They have two packs of bras for $42 meaning each bra is only $21! I can live with that! I bought a sale color and only paid $10 a bra and they should be getting here soon! Cross your fingers ladies!
Most of these sites also offer clothes for the big boobed as they say over and over again on their websites, it sounds much better in a plucky British accent then you'd think! The allure of clothes I will not "bust" out of (hahahahaha) is very tempting, but the price tags will keep my sewing and making do for now! Camis and safety pins are very good friends of mine! Though most camis are still too low and have that much to small elastic bra thing, so I either cut it out, or just by regular tank tops to wear as camis!

Most of these sites offer pants and skirts as well, but let's not get into the junk in the trunk! Well at least untill another post that is! ;-)