Thursday, April 14, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


~The brilliant people who signal into a one way round about but neglect signal on their way out.....what's even better is the folks who keep their blinker on the whoooole time! Weeeee let's just pretend that we are going to turn, then we can cause three accidents in less then 30 seconds!

~Being asked by two guys if I knew I still had my studs on.....What? Really? They just don't magically switch to my normal tires come April 1st? So, which one of you big strong manly men is going to help me? Neither one? Oh, you're just going to let me know that it's going to get a me a big fat ticket. Gee thanks guys, way to help a girl!

~Tomorrow is the 15th of April you say? What's so special about the 15th of April? Is there something I should have done by then?

~Taking off your white tights and being blinded by the paleness of the legs underneath.....let me repeat the fact it was white tights that I took off!

~The 80's bob I paid $40 for yesterday.....oops!


~The fact that a play that I wrote might be performed at our church this Christmas, I'm a little jazzed!!

~It's 50 and mostly sunny today!

~Finding out our church elders have been praying for healing and God has been answering! There was one women who had throat problems so bad she could barely swallow and was in pain all the time. She called the church and asked if the elders could lay hands on her and pray, they did and the next morning she woke up and the pain was GONE! She's even eaten Mexican food, spicy Mexican food!
God is good!!!

~Neal Patrick Harris as The Fairy Shoe Person on Sesame Street! All opinions about his personal life aside.....I just know that he's adorable and singing about one of my favorite things! =)