Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hello All!

I'm going to be gone for a few days and my 30 day challenge is going to end without me! I've posted everyday since I started, I was so happy that I hadn't missed any. Then last week when I realized our churches family camp was going on a week earlier then I thought. A little bit pf panic set in. Do not despair though, faithful followers, I have discovered a way to magically pre-post my posts so they will still show up at 8:30ish each morning when I'm away from the blogging world. This magic is sooo secret that only the chosen shall know how it is done, or anybody who has clicked on the post options link.....  ;-)
(Yes, Tim. I figured it out all by my little, technologically un-savey, self! Aren't you proud?hehe)

A couple pics from lasts years camp, it's been at the same place for years and years. In fact, our church helped build the new(when I saw new, I mean newer then the one that had been there for at least 50 years!) dining hall after the old one burned down!=)