Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 20~ A Hobby of Mine

I actually have a good one for today, not like the monkey yesterday. I got a request to have a picture of me peeling the banana with my toes. The logistics of this have been difficult to figure out, so it is a pending operation!

I love making jewelry and wearing it! So, between these two hobbies I'm a happy camper!=-)

I love the way these swing!

I made these after my Mom had me take apart a pair of earrings that she didn't like and put them back together again in a way she liked better. I got to keep the bits she didn't like.

These were the bits she didn't like, I love the swirly luminescence. It makes me think of moonlight!=)

These I made after taking multitudes of these butterflies off of a pair of flip-flops. They jingled real pretty like, but they kept getting caught on things, so off they came!

Gold hoops, pink, white and green rhinestones, what could be better?=)

This is a necklace, but as I have yet to find a clasp and it is fastened with a silver safety pin *blush* So, I did not take a picture of the upper regions! I like the bird just on one side but the comment I get most is, it would be cute if only the bird was on both sides, did the other one fall off? *sigh*

I love friendship bracelets, but thought I was getting a wee bit old for them. Then I saw some fancier ones on a blog that I follow and decided that as long as they were fancy that I was like, totally not too old! ;)
Yes, again with this color pallet!

This is an anklet, I love the bubble like sheen on the center bead.

It's fancy because I don't just tie them on, see the button toggle closer in the back? That definitely makes it sophisticated, right?

Yes, another one! This ones a bracelet like the first one though.

I saw this idea some where but I recall the piece being at least $35 so I didn't buy it. It's basically a really long piece of braided leather like cord (only the best for me!) I braided a super long length and just wrap it around my wrist, ankle, around my neck, the possibilities are endless. Well, maybe not endless.....but there are at least a couple more I think.....=)