Sunday, August 15, 2010

Home Again!

The cars unpacked, the duffles too, the dirt is almost gone,
The sweeping up of all the sand seems to go on and on.
Our sunburned faces and and bug bitten limbs, are happy to be clean,
The sun and sand while lots of fun, to our epidermis can be mean!

From Family camp we've just come home, bug bitten tired and sore,
But as we drove away we cried, please just a little while more!
The week was full of many things, like friends and food and fun,
It was so much fun in fact, I wish it wasn't done!

I would like to thank everyone who came up and made, 
This family camp the thing it was, God's love was on display.
Old friendships deepened and new ones made, that is where it's at,
This week would not have been the same, if we had been missing that!

I will sleep in my own bed tonight, not afraid of bugs or mice,
I think maybe I'll hear bags pipes play, say, won't that be awful nice?
It's time to go, my rhymes are done, my bed is calling me,
I can't wait until next year, I love my FBC Family!* 

*Yes, I know that last line has to many syllables, but in this case content was way more important then a perfect rhyme scheme! =)