Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Penelope's Coat


If you've never seen the movie Penelope you need to stop reading this and go watch it right now.................

Done? Good, now if you are anything like most of the girls I know(No Tim, this doesn't include you!) you have fallen in love with Penelope's wardrobe! Vintage, yet modern and a look you could realistically implement today. Unlike some of my more tragic Little House and Colonial inspired clothing choices!

My favorite item of clothing? If you couldn't tell from the tittle and picture, is her coat and I have finally found the pattern to recreate it! Yes, I am going to try and recreate the Penelope Coat. Try Googling it and see what the ratio of people who want one and people who have made one is, pretty dismal right?

But, in the face of adversity, mule like stubbornness will prevail. My family will be sick of me talking about it(okay, okay, obsessing!) long before I am anywhere near done. I will ignore hating to change and combine patterns and putting on piping! I have forged ahead and after much searching have found both the fabric and the pattern!

~The fabric~
A plum corduroy fabric, yes I know the original is a slightly herringboned wool, but that is pricey and far to warm for me! So, this will have to do, hopefully it will be ordered this weekend, as long as I don't have another unexpected day off of work!

~The pattern~
While I just bought this a month ago, it appears to be out of print! I have another coat pattern that has the big peter pan type collar, so that's been taken care of also. I  have decided to not do the French hem. Why, you may ask, pure hatred of sewing curves, especially on heavy fabrics! I am also getting rid of the pirate sleeves because I know that I would drag then through everything, I have an alternative in mind that would keep with the whimsical theme of the original while allowing me to keep my cuffs butter free!(Oscar Wilde reference there, bonus points if you can tell me what play it's from!)

One more little bit of bonus info, these shoes are exactly like the ones Penelope wears for most of the movie, they are just brown; or black, instead of teal.
You can find them at Payless and it's BOGO right now, and they have some super cute shoes this season! ;)