Friday, June 1, 2012

15x15~Day One

Welcome to day one of the.....

.....the updates on my last post? I'm not alone in thinking cami's don't count (yeah!) and I admitted my hatred of deadlines to myself and chose to swap out the patterned skirt knowing that I would put off fixing it and only have three bottoms for the challenge! Then I chickened out and swapped the heels for a pair of flats almost the same color..... I want to wear heels for everyday wear, but can't imagine chasing kids around in heels! =P

I'm wearing three of my 15 items today. The striped shirt from Kohls, the shorts from Goodwill and the brown flats from Target.

Bracelet: Shop-Ko, Earrings: Hallmark, Necklace: Fred Meyer (Owl added by me)

~Pinterest has been acting funny, but I've still managed to pin a few things even with the site being jerky! =P

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