Friday, June 15, 2012

15x15~Last Day!


In honor of today being the last day (yeah!) I am re-wearing my favorite new outfit from the challenge! I had never put these pieces together, and now it is definitely going to be a combo I wear all the time! =)

This has definitely been fun, and not as challenging as I thought, more like I'm just tired of wearing the same clothes over and over! Sadly, I never got too creative, the whole dress as a skirt/shirt thing just didn't work with any of the pieces in my closest, so mixed and matched tops and bottoms it was! =)
Three of the 15.....
Striped shirt: Kohls
Yellow skirt: made by me
Brown flats: Target

Bracelet: Shop-Ko, Earrings: made by me, Neckalce: Fragile Elite Design
Yes, all you Doctor Who fans out there, that is indeed a Tardis necklace and not a blue porto potty like my little siblings thought at first! They have quite a nice selection of Sherlock necklaces now as well..... ;-)